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The difference between moving iron earphones and moving coil earphones

2021-04-04 709
Maybe many people have never heard of moving iron earphones or moving coil earphones. According to the living habits of our ordinary people, the average user will not have too high requirements for a headset, and just choose a headset to use it. They don't have a deep understanding of headset knowledge, and they don't hear many types of headsets. However, for more talented music talents or singers, celebrity hosts, etc., they will have unique insights and ideas that are different from ordinary people when choosing which style and style of headphones. They generally have very high standards for music and sound listening. For ordinary earphones, they can hardly meet their requirements. They need better earphones to meet their needs for enjoying music and sound. In the field of high-end earphone products, people who must know the industry know the moving iron earphone and the moving coil earphone, but everyone is always entangled in choosing between the two. There are certainly many friends who have this idea. So what is the difference between moving iron earphones and moving coil earphones, let's explore the difference between them with the editor below.

The difference between dynamic earphones and dynamic iron earphones in terms of structural principles: dynamic earphones are a relatively common form of earphones. Not only earphones and speaker products, but also use a dynamic structure, it is through a superb structure The connecting body is conducted to the center point of the diaphragm, which directly drives the diaphragm to produce sound. Moving iron earphones use a voice coil around an iron sheet in the center of the magnetic field to drive the diaphragm under the force of the magnetic field to produce sound. Moving iron earphones are basically similar to moving coil earphones, and both produce sound by the vibration of the internal voice coil in the permanent magnetic field.

The difference between moving iron earphones and moving coil earphones

The sound insulation effect of moving iron earphones is relatively higher than that of moving coil earphones. This is because the unit area of moving coil earphones is larger, and the space required for pronunciation is involved in vibration and the sound is inevitably leaked. Moving iron earphones have fewer vents, which effectively reduces the range of the earphones, which can effectively isolate noise and prevent sound leakage.

From the perspective of the sound quality of the earphone, the sound quality of the moving iron earphone is grainy, and the sound is relatively metallic, hard and punchy. The wide-ranging sound of dynamic headphones is a little more relaxed and natural. It is often said that moving iron analyzes music and moving circle appreciates music.

Through the above introduction of the editor, the moving iron earphones and the moving coil earphones have different characteristics and different sound quality feelings. They each have their own different characteristics and advantages, and they also have their own deficiencies and shortcomings of different degrees. How to choose? You can choose according to your personal preference. Only the sound experience that suits you is the most important. After reading the introduction of the editor, I think everyone should have a preliminary understanding of these two different earphones. When choosing them, they should be selected based on their hobbies.
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