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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the ring iron earphones performance of the ring iron earphones

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Earphones are one of the most frequently used objects in our lives, especially with the continuous development of smart phones in recent years and the continuous improvement of sound quality, making people like listening to music. However, in recent years, mobile phone manufacturers have been blindly pursuing cost reduction, so everyone has to buy their favorite headphones online. In fact, this is also very good, because everyone has a larger choice of space. But what kind of earphone is good? I will tell you today-ring iron earphone. Let's take a look next!

What is a ring iron headset?
Loop iron earphone, as the name implies, it is the product of the combination of a moving coil unit and a moving iron unit. Different from multi-action iron unit earphones and dual/three-unit dynamic earphones, the combination of two different structure units means that the designer must have three important aspects in unit selection, cavity design and crossover technology. Deeper awareness and requirements. Before understanding the characteristics of the ring iron earphones, we must first take the trouble to distinguish the difference between the popular science moving iron earphones and dynamic earphones.

What is the difference between dynamic iron earphones and dynamic earphones?
Dynamic headphones: The principle is similar to ordinary speakers. The coil in the permanent magnetic field is connected to the diaphragm, and the coil drives the diaphragm to make sound under the driving of the signal current. Due to the vibration of the diaphragm, the sound is more natural and relaxed, and has a natural frequency response range advantage.

Moving iron earphones: different from the coil-diaphragm structure of moving coil earphones, moving iron earphones are earphones that vibrate and produce sound by conducting a precise connecting rod to the center of a miniature diaphragm. Due to the smaller unit volume of the moving iron earphone, it can bring a wider frequency response range and a more delicate sound through combination and frequency division.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the ring iron earphones performance of the ring iron earphones

The advantages and disadvantages of moving coil earphones and moving iron earphones are obvious. The manufacturer's knowledge of cavity structure and frequency divider has given the opportunity to combine these two units. Once successfully combined, you can not only have moving iron earplugs with high sound density, excellent resolution and clear lines, but also the excellent low frequency performance inherent in moving coil earplugs, and the excellent atmosphere that comes with it. It can be said that ring iron earplugs are the best combination of sound quality and musicality. At the moment when high-quality lossless music is gradually popular, it is more conducive to consumers to enjoy high-quality playback effects and experience the beauty of sound.

Manufacturers need to perform complex tuning. If the tuning fails, the product will be scrapped. Therefore, the price of ring iron headphones is generally higher.

The above is what the editor shared today about the ring-tie earphones. The ring-tie earphones are a new configuration earphone that has only recently been launched. Simply put, it is a combination of coil earphones and dynamic earphones. This new type of earphone combines all the advantages of dynamic and coil earphones, and this kind of earphone basically has no shortcomings. The disadvantage is that the cost of the coil earphone is relatively high, the technical requirements are high, and the rate of defective products is high. High and low yield rate are not conducive to mass production.
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