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Why do we need a USB desktop condenser microphone?

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USB desktop condenser microphone, we often referred to as USB microphone. No preamplifier, sound card, or other hardware equipment is needed. The condenser microphone can be connected to the computer through a USB cable to provide clear and natural sound for computer recording. Common home recording, studio recording, and personal dubbing , Tutorial recording, computer live broadcast and other scenes, all

How USB microphones work

The USB microphone is actually a combination of a microphone and a sound card. When recording, after the USB microphone receives the sound, it is directly processed by the sound card inside the microphone, converted from analog to digital, and then transmitted to the computer in the form of data via USB.
Why you need a USB microphone
Many brands, including Fengdi, have many 3.5mm wireless microphones (such as Blink500, Blink500 Pro, SR-WM4C) or set-top microphones (such as Vmic Mini) that can be connected to the computer through the corresponding audio cable , Provide clear sound for computer recording. But if you often use a computer for live broadcasting, dubbing, recording, etc., we still recommend that you have a computer-specific USB microphone. This is because:

Sound quality comparison
The advantage of the 3.5mm interface microphone is the lossless transmission of sound signals and low human voice distortion. However, if it is not used with an independent sound card, a computer graphics card with a common configuration generates frequency radiation, which is coupled into the audio circuit, which is likely to produce a small amount of current sound or other noise.

The advantage of the USB microphone is the built-in sound card function, the sound digital signal is converted in real time, the human voice effect is clear, there is no interference of current sound and noise, and it is plug and play, and it is easy to use.

Why do we need a USB desktop condenser microphone?

Economic budget
Of course, in daily use, many friends will purchase an additional set of independent sound cards with better resolution, so as to avoid the noise problem that may exist when the 3.5mm interface microphone is directly connected to the computer. However, if such a set of microphone + professional sound card is fully configured, it will cost a lot of budget.
So, if you want to get good sound quality, but also want to reduce the purchase budget, and the operation is simple, then you can choose a set of excellent quality USB microphones in one step.
At the same time, as the audio technology becomes more and more mature, the performance of USB microphones becomes more and more powerful. Some high-end USB microphones can even achieve two-way lossless conversion of digital-to-analog signals and synchronous monitoring functions.

SR-MV7000   USB and XLR condenser microphone
It is a new generation of professional condenser microphone with USB and XLR combo. The fuselage has a unique three-vibration capsule design. The package includes a five-core XLR female to three-core XLR double male audio cable, a Type-C to USB-A output cable, and a Type-C to Type-C output cable. There are four A variety of pickup modes, 3.5mm headphone monitor hole, can provide high-definition broadcast level for XLR interface (camera, mixer, mixer, etc. that can provide 48V phantom power) and USB interface (Android phone, computer, etc.) Sound quality meets the recording needs of a variety of shooting scenes.

The built-in standard 5/8" screw hole at the bottom of the microphone can be used with a microphone stand or cantilever. The package also includes a detachable desktop microphone stand and a pop-up blowout cover, making it easy for you to perform home studio recording, recording studio recording, Podcast and narration recording.
· Compatible with USB-A interface computer, XLR interface camera/mixer/mixer, Type-C interface Android phone/tablet
· Metal material, strong and durable
· Adjustable gain control (0dB/10dB/20dB/30d
· Four pickup modes are available (cardioid, omnidirectional, figure-8, stereo)
· SNR up to 114dB
· Support real-time monitoring when recording on computer/mobile phone
· Ideal for recording studios, live studios, and home recording studios
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