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How to buy the right conference microphone

2021-04-04 651
Conference microphones can often play a better role in conveying information. For conferences, this is a very good product. And a high-quality product is often more able to play its true value, which involves the selection of conference microphones. In order to let everyone know how to buy a suitable conference microphone, I will introduce relevant knowledge to everyone. As a professional conference microphone manufacturer, we believe that we can buy suitable products that meet our needs through the following methods:

1. Choose the corresponding type of product according to your needs. There are many different types of conference microphones. In order to achieve the best use effect, you should choose the product type that best meets your needs.

2. It is not advisable to use a conference microphone with too high sensitivity, because too high sensitivity will cause the sound to fluctuate or produce howling, which is easy to damage the speakers, so as long as the sensitivity is stable.

How to buy the right conference microphone

3. To buy a high-impedance microphone, because of its high sensitivity, easy to be interfered by external signals.

4. Try to buy directional conference microphones. Non-directional microphones have poor resistance to external interference and are easy to mix into other sound sources. They must be used together with an echo canceller.

5. Note that the frequency should be kept within a reasonable range. The selected frequency should be in line with the space distance of the conference room, and this range includes half of the sound of musical instruments and human voices.

The above are some methods and precautions we have introduced to you on how to buy a suitable conference microphone.
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