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Features of omnidirectional microphones

2021-04-04 523
What is an omnidirectional microphone? We all know that the microphone is one of the must-have products during the performance of the show. It can effectively amplify the voice of people and make it spread farther. It is one of the commonly used speakers. The omnidirectional microphone is a portable conference phone product. It can be connected to the Internet to conduct high-quality network video conferences, so what are the characteristics of this omnidirectional microphone? The editor will give us a brief introduction below.

Omnidirectional can not only use the computer interface to conduct high-quality Internet telephony conferences on the Internet; it can also use the headset interface as a speaker and microphone hands-free device for wireless mobile phones to conduct high-quality wireless mobile telephony conferences. Its shape is classic and easy to carry. The microphone pickup direction can be selected and set according to the meeting scene, which is suitable for use in meeting rooms and offices. In addition to these, it also has the following characteristics:

Features of omnidirectional microphones

1. The style is light, classic and generous, easy to carry. The structure is tightly designed to ensure quality.

2. Full-duplex new technology, clear conference call effect, and support for computer interconnection network teleconference.

3. Support wireless mobile phone conferences, support computer or mobile phone music playback and recording.

4. The USB interface is driver-free, plug and play. The power supply provided by the USB bus is simple and convenient.

In summary, the above four points are all the characteristics of omnidirectional microphones. Through the introduction of the editor, do the friends already have a general and simple understanding of it?
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