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How do novice business sellers settle on eBay

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It is a pity that we often see that many friends who have a strong interest in eBay are "relentlessly" hurt when they enter eBay. Especially since 2020, I am afraid I don't know how many accounts have been frozen! The root cause of this kind of incident is that an appropriate method of entry has not been found. It is absolutely undesirable to try to independently register an eBay account in the current environment.

The editor does not have the direct ability to help you complete the eBay entry, but the editor can tell you the correct entry channel to avoid unnecessary troubles, and can also reduce losses and save yourself time! So before starting to write the article, friends must understand the current eBay background environment!

As the continuing impact of COVID-19 is still not over, the number of new applications for eBay accounts has been very strictly restricted from the end of 2019! Among them, sellers in the Greater China region have shown obvious performance, but this is based on an order issued by eBay's US headquarters, so there is no way. This is also the fundamental reason why so many domestic sellers encounter difficulties in the process of applying to enter eBay!

How do novice business sellers settle on eBay

So today, let's take a look at the correct way to enter the eBay platform with the editor. Here, the editor introduces 2 ways that most sellers know but many friends do not know:

1. Enter through the eBay investment team;

This is the most important entry method officially implemented by eBay in Greater China, and it is also the mainstream method for most domestic sellers to enter the eBay platform, mainly by submitting corporate information to the eBay investment team for online approval. This method of entry is 100% safe, but the disadvantage is that resources are limited (mainly refers to the number of online approvals) and there is a certain degree of requirements for companies that want to enter, so not any enterprise can enter through this method . (I want to explain here, because the online approval will give priority to the selection of better-quality sellers, the competition is very high, and it is precisely because of this that many sellers have submitted information and can't wait for the response letter from the investment team.)

2. Enter through eBay offline exchange meeting;

The eBay official will hold off-line communication meetings from time to time, mainly to promote exchanges between sellers and sellers, contact each other to discuss, study the development of their eBay business or the difficulties encountered in the process of developing eBay business. These sellers can usually form a very powerful energy when they get together, and they can learn or share very effectively in the process of communication. Therefore, eBay officials strongly encourage sellers (interested friends) to participate in such offline exchange meetings, and for those partners who want to enter the eBay platform but have no channels, this is simply a rare good opportunity! Because at least one eBay investment manager is present at every offline exchange meeting, it is undoubtedly the most efficient way to communicate with eBay investment manager directly and talk about your demands.

In the current environment, if you want to enter the eBay platform anyway, you cannot do without the assistance of the eBay investment manager! So guys who want to settle on eBay must not blindly register an eBay account with their corporate information. This behavior is very dangerous, and basically, they will receive a freeze notification after the registration is completed. If you want to successfully enter the eBay platform, you must first contact the investment manager (method 2), or wait for the investment team to reply (method 1) and proceed to the next step of entering!

Of course, getting the assistance of an eBay investment manager is the first step, and the later enterprise sellers who obtain the qualification to settle in will receive the relevant documents from the eBay investment manager to fill in the enterprise information. After all the required information is filled in, the eBay investment manager will assist in completing the review and finally successfully enter eBay. In addition, remind my friends, the eBay investment manager who is responsible for connecting with you will be the investment manager who will be responsible for your eBay business account in the future. Under normal circumstances, if you don't understand during the operation, you can contact the eBay investment manager for consultation, but don't do some irregularities, otherwise it will be difficult for the eBay investment manager to help you deal with some things or even just give you up.

Alright, today’s chapter on "How Newbie Enterprise Sellers Enter eBay" is over here! If you think it's not bad, you can give me a thumbs-up. I will also work hard to give you more high-quality and helpful articles! The editor always firmly believes that if you insist on creating independently and be willing to share your own experience, you will be recognized by your friends. The editor looks forward to growing together with you!

If you have any questions about eBay, whether it is a settlement problem, an operation problem, or an appeal problem, you can ask the editor. The editor will know everything, and will do his best to solve some of the problems encountered in the operation process. The problem. Follow-up on the full knowledge points and core operating skills of business on eBay will be included here, I hope everyone can learn something in Hugo!
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