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Those "fever earphones" fool us about two or three things

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The sound quality is macroscopic. Everyone has different requirements for music effects. The price of headphones is from 9.9 to 3W. The publicity is fever headphones. Headphones are a product of such depth! "Fever sound quality" these four Words can fool many people! The objective definition of sound quality can be described in detail under Baidu Encyclopedia.

Everyone has different requirements for sound quality, so I divide the user's sound quality needs into five levels:

1. The beginner type likes super bass or turn up the volume, the bass is stimulating & the larger volume does not break the sound, it is a good earphone

2. Intermediate type It is not a special case that the volume of the device will not be adjusted to a higher level, can distinguish the sound quality of different levels of headphones, and can gain experience from the quality of the previous headset to upgrade the next headset

3. High-quality type The three-band quality of the headset performance and whether the connection is smooth, horizontal and vertical sound fields, analysis, dynamics, timbre, loudness, etc. can be felt and can be expressed in language and have their own requirements

Four. Fever type: On the basis of high-quality users, there is a wealth of relevant knowledge and rich product experience in the front-end (player) music file (format and quality) of the headphone amplifier and various earphone peripherals, which affects the final performance of the earphones, and has a wealth of product experience.  
Five. Hardcore level is based on the fever type. The knowledge is deep into any part of the earphone and the different effects of the material grade of this part. The characteristics of different earphones and the influence of different structures on the sound have different degrees of DIY. Headphone capabilities, headset parts selection and capture capabilities!

Probably just these 5 levels, the seats are matched, if you don't agree with my opinion, then it's okay...you just need to re-set one!

Headphone parameters that are easily misunderstood:

1. Sensitivity: the sound pressure, unit: db Chinese: decibels, the general unit of sound (including noise) at the same volume, the higher the sensitivity parameter, the greater the loudness (sound) of the headset!

Misunderstanding: High sensitivity is a good earphone-in-ear earphones with a sensitivity of more than 100 decibels have relatively large ear loads, except for products with false standard sensitivity (you can download it on Baidu if you don't understand)

Reason: In-ear and flat-head headphones cannot be measured with the same sound pressure level (sensitivity):

1. The flat-head earphones are only stuck in the auricle, and only part of the sound of the earphones enters the ear canal and will miss a lot of sound (hence the name open), so it is common for the sensitivity to be higher than 100db;

2. In-ear headphones seal the ear canal, and the ears basically receive all the sound emitted by the earphones, especially direct-ear headphones. From this physical reason, the sensitivity of direct-ear headphones should not be higher than the sensitivity of flat-head headphones (I personally think that in-ear headphones (The sensitivity of the headset is not higher than 100db is more appropriate)

2. Resolution: Headphones restore the details of music

Misunderstanding: high resolution is a good headset

Reason: headphones with good resolution, you can hear more details when listening to music, and the upper ear feels better, but if the resolution of the headphones is too high, the possibility of hearing the bottom noise will increase, and it is also easy to hear the teeth of the human voice. The sound affects the sense of hearing, and the image is like a metaphor: the resolution of the headset is like the sharpness of the picture, and it will be unnatural afterwards!

It is not completely correct for some sellers to say that the earphones must be able to hear the noise floor.They can only say that the earphones with too high resolution are easier to hear the noise floor and tooth sound!

Three. Noise

Misunderstanding: This headset has a bottom noise-the generation of the bottom noise does not belong to the headset, the headset is only the medium that receives the analog signal from the audio source to make a sound!


Source of background noise:

1.Playback equipment: The noise floor is basically there, and the playback equipment will have a signal-to-noise ratio (but the manufacturer does not mark it and you can't see it). Because the equipment and headphones used are different, everyone perceives and tolerates the noise floor is different. In actual use There is no conclusion, but the earphone resolution is too high, it is easier to hear the noise of the device when using some devices! (normal human ears can basically hear the sound in the 20-20KHz frequency band)

2.Music files: currently popular music files include MP3WMA, AAC, APE, FLAC, OGG, WAV, etc., and the bottom noise may also exist in these files, especially low-quality MP3 is the most common, such as: files with a ratio of 128K or less, in actual use If you hear a noise similar to the current sound of a certain song, you can basically judge that it is a file problem if you can't hear other songs, and it can usually be solved if the quality is good again!

Four. Crackling and cracking

1. If on the handheld device (not the handheld device is not in this range) normal 80% volume headphones continue to appear similar to "puff, puff, puff" noise, basically it can be concluded that the quality of the earphone is problematic, please contact the after-sales seller to replace it!

2. If there is a continuous "puff, puff, puff" noise at 100% louder volume, please try to adjust it back to about 80%. If it returns to normal, it can be concluded that the output power of the device is greater than the earphone's capacity. Please replace it Use the device or replace the headset on this device!

Five. Endurance

When you feel tired after using the headset for a period of time and have to take it off, then the endurance of this headset is here; some students only pursue the feeling of the upper ear, and think that the super bass sound is very good. After using it for a period of time I feel tired and need to take off the earphones. They think this is normal. In fact, the earphone endurance affects the time you use it; the main factors that affect the earphone endurance are the sensitivity resolution of the earphone mentioned above, and the loudness of the earphone. Is the overall music effect brought out by the frequency connection soothing and smooth!

Hearability is a concept that varies from person to person. It has different results relative to each person's different demands. Some headphones that are not good enough for hearing resistance have very high resolution and super bass is great, so as long as you like it, that's right!

Six. Comfort

Affecting the wearing comfort of headphones is that the structure and size of the headphones are not suitable for the user's ears, which are physical reasons. Some headphones are uncomfortable to wear. There is no need to talk about hearing resistance and intolerance! It has been popular for the past few decades. Even today’s popular in-ear headphones can’t fit everyone’s ears... it can only be improved infinitely!

For example: the earpods earphones of Ailun 5 are of high-quality ergonomic design, leaving aside the sound quality, the structure combines the characteristics of flat-head and in-ear styles. Earpods are known as semi-in-ear styles, and they are indeed higher quality than many earphones in terms of wearing comfort. Thanks to Apple’s data acquisition capabilities to create such a high-quality design from human ear data from different populations... I also get a basic agreement when I use my ears, but I still feel that my ears are too small to wear for more than half an hour. Tired ears!

Therefore, mainstream headphones cannot be 100% suitable for everyone's different ears. There must be exceptions! The only good thing is the headphones that are customized according to the user's ears... The price is not as high as the tailor-made suits!  
Seven. Wire

1. Security

At present, some earphones use "bullet-proof wire" wires that sound very high-tech. Anti-pulling fiber is added to the wires to increase the resistance to pull of the earphone wires to 15 kg or more. It is true that it is not objectively used. It will be broken, not bad!...However, many of these materials are banned in the European Union...The reason is that the pulling force of 5 kg is enough to kill children...In fact, many foreign brand headphones will not highlight the use of this material! To be correct, it should be called "anti-broken wire". It is estimated that which country's pronunciation is not correct is called "bullet-proof wire"! It is not that "bullet-proof wire" is not good, but from a safety point of view, it is reminded to avoid letting children play, they will not just be used Singing!

Misunderstanding: The anti-pull ability of the "bullet-proof wire" wire is enhanced, but the speaker welding position and the plug welding position are easily pulled off and the welding is unchanged!

2. Material grade

The wires of the earphones vary from ordinary copper wire to oxygen-free copper wire. The wires of different grades of earphones use different copper wire grades and core numbers; higher quality wires can be used on the basis of better sound quality or fever earphones to improve the quality of the earphones to a certain extent. , Such as silver wire or some brand wires such as: the heart of the sea, Furukawa and the like...can be the icing on the cake but will not completely change the quality of the earphones, so the product specifications of the large brand mass-produced earphones rarely have the parameter specifications of the prominent wire. ! Hardcore or fever players will only consider if the quality of the headphones on their hands is improved to the best or the original wire has been worn out and replaced. Some domestic headphone manufacturers have also participated in the wire level identification in order to highlight their high level of headphones. This is a logical matter. More expensive or a lot!

8. Shell material


In the past few decades of earphone history, plastic has been used as the material of the earphone shell. Although plastic is a symbol of cheap in the minds of ordinary people, earphones made of plastic have always been the main choice for big brand earphones, such as: Senhai Searle-60 years of acoustic technology precipitation, the industry's best! 99% of the history of excellent headphones are plastic!

the reason:

a. The plastic is very light. The ears are filled with nerves and extremely sensitive acupuncture points. Only as light as possible can ensure a more comfortable wearing state, and the skin-friendly properties of plastic are also relatively good;

b.The plastic shell can meet the fluid design, the sound cavity shape is changeable, and there is no right-angle edge position.

c. The overall effect of the sound reflection in the plastic cavity and the resonance produced by the plastic cavity is high-quality, and the sound of good plastic headphones is warmer and less cold!

2. Metal shell

The earliest impression of a metal shell is Huatai OVC. At that time, the OVC product structure was a metal shell earphone. Many people liked the cool appearance. In the past decade, 90% of metal earphones are domestically designed. , But the metal earphones are all geese passing the meteor and did not leave a lot of special profound excellence!

the reason:

a.The research and development cost of metal earphones is low. No mold is required. As long as the machining center that inputs the structure file can be output one by one, it does not need to meet the lower order requirements of the injection molding factory, and it can be flexibly modified.

b. The metal shell has a cool appearance, high durability and no chipping, disassembly and reassembly is not easy to cause damage to the shell, especially suitable for DIY areas and small workshop production.

c. Metal earphone shells are generally heavier, made of lightweight metal materials, but they are still not as light as plastic, and the upper ears can still feel cold and skin-friendly!

d. Metal earphones are difficult to meet the complete fluid design, and they will have a right angle to varying degrees.If they touch the ears, they will be uncomfortable.Of course, the ears are large enough to be touched and there is no problem.

e. The sound cavity of metal earphones can only be straight and unchanged. Metal earphones can only be made into straight-in-ear products. They cannot be more ergonomic side-in-ear earphones, because mechanical cutting cannot be turned.

f. The sound reflection and resonance in the metal cavity is completely different from that of plastic. Metal headphones have a stronger sense of speed. They come and go fast. The mid-frequency is more female, the resolution is high, and the tone is much colder. If you like this style, you can Choose, there are also those who can make a warm sound, individually!

3. Wooden shell and ceramic shell

Among the home audio systems, there are also the most excellent models of wooden speakers. The principle of headphones is the same as that of speakers. Therefore, in theory, the wooden headphone shell should be better, but the wooden headphone shell should reach the same proportional thickness as the speaker board. , Maybe the earphones are easily crushed and can be done...but the possibility of mass production is low, which belongs to the high-quality brand! For example: limited edition, ceramic earphone products have been in existence for several years, and they are very malleable. I look forward to it. A brilliant birth...

Taken together, it feels that plastic headphones are more loyal to the performance of the sound; metal headphones are like speakers without wooden boards and marble or cement boards, and the spring water is cool. Of course, you may prefer to put the appearance on a metal headset: for example: The recent "sound quality artifact" fever design...but no fever quality! The pistons picked from 1,000 designs by Rebs are indeed good looking and born for fever...but the sound quality is still far from having a fever. 
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