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Do in-ear headphones cause hearing damage?

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This is a "listening" program. Many people use earphones. Some people have heard that in-ear earphones can cause more damage to hearing. Is it true?

The simple answer to this question depends on whether you use it properly, and if you use the right in-ear headphones, it will protect your hearing. Specifically, the natural attenuation of hearing is an irreversible change that occurs continuously from birth to each person. This loss is actually the damage to the hair cells in the cochlea in the inner ear, and it is he who finally converts vibrations into electrical signals. The brain, and the hair cells are not reproducible. There are so many births, and there is one less death. Excessive volume, drugs, etc. will cause his death. After his death, not only could he not hear the high-pitched sound, but he would also not hear the low-volume vibration. For example, a 10-year-old child can hear sounds with a frequency of 20,000 Hz, but I have tried it myself, and it seems that I don’t feel any more than 12,000. But don’t worry, because the most core sound signal like voice hardly exceeds 1500Hz, and the highest frequency that a soprano can sing is only 5000Hz, so even if we are 7 or 80 years old, we can only hear 6000Hz. If you go up, you can’t hear it anymore, and it won’t hinder language communication.

Why is it that the in-ear type is used to protect the ears, because it can cut off external noise, and when we use headphones, we often take the bus or the subway. At this time, the external noise is already very loud, so big, and we talk face to face. You may not be able to hear clearly. This kind of environmental noise is already damaging the hair cells. At this time, if you put on earplugs, even if you don’t play any music, it will protect your hearing. We often have this kind of experience, listening to the volume of the song on the subway when we get off work, and then putting it on before going to bed and preparing to listen to the song before going to bed. The result is that the volume is scary. In a noisy environment, in order to suppress the noise, we have to Turn on a higher volume, which will cause hearing damage. In-ear headphones block external noise. Even if you listen to music, you will not turn on the volume as loud as when using flat-head headphones. So from this perspective, in-ear headphones are more protective of your ears. .

Another thing to say is that what you listen to is also great. Music damages the ears more than voice, because the frequency of 40Hz-10000Hz in music has rich performance, but the environmental noise will interfere with certain things when listening to music. The frequency band, especially the bass part, so you may have to turn the volume up especially in order to experience the low frequency more clearly. But if you listen to a voice program like mine, my voice is not so richly changed. You are more concerned about the content rather than the voice itself, so even if a lot of low frequencies in my voice are lost, you still Do not care, so the volume will be much lower.

It’s not enough to adjust the volume of headphones. Headphones also bring about a side effect, that is, sweating in the ear canal and bacterial proliferation. This effect is milder for us Chinese, because we secrete dry earwax. We have ABC11. Gene mutations, but 90% of Europeans and Americans still have oily earwax, so when in-ear headphones are worn, no matter how much sweat, bacteria are more likely to breed. So first choose the right rubber sleeve. And prepare a serious medical cotton swab, no need to use any metal ear picking spoon, or even use a key to pick your ears.

However, we should not think that the ears are so fragile. If you look at the output power of the iPhone6's volume, use his default earphones and use the maximum volume output. The ears are safe within 100 seconds. But I don't have an oscilloscope at hand, and I can't see the change in output power corresponding to the volume of iPhone6 earphones. For example, if I adjust the volume to half, does the output power drop to half, or does the decibel value drop to half.

Do in-ear headphones cause hearing damage?

Finally, add another two kinds of earphones, one is a headset, which almost avoids the growth of bacteria in the ear canal, and also creates a relatively soundproof environment, but it is not convenient to carry. Some people are used to listening to something in front of the computer. Then I recommend headphones. The only disadvantage is that they are hot in summer. Another thing to talk about is bone conduction headphones. This kind of headphones uses the vibration of the skull to receive sound signals. For example, the difference between listening and recording when we speak by ourselves is very different. The difference is that when we speak by ourselves, not only do we hear The vibrations transmitted by the air to the ears are also superimposed on the part of the skull vibrations, and when listening to the recording and playback, only the part of the air vibrations, so it sounds so different. Bone conduction earphones are not plugged into the ears, so there is no problem of bacterial growth in the ear canal, and they are not particularly hot when covering your ears like a head-mounted type, so they are suitable for exercise. This kind of earphones and the skull behind the ears Closely, of course, this also involves the issue of volume, don't open it too much, but I have tried, this kind of earphone listening to music has no sound quality at all, it has changed too much. So it is more suitable for language programs. Well, to sum up, the volume is the key to harm. When listening to songs, pay attention to the ear canal cleanness. If you are worried about the health of your ears, you can try other types of headphones.
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