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What is the difference between flat headphone and in-ear headphones?

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There are many types of earphones, such as head-mounted, ear-hook, in-ear, earbud (flat headphone), etc. According to our different needs, choosing different earphones can bring a more comfortable listening experience.

But with the continuous development of the earphone industry, the choice of most people today is in-ear earphones, especially to realize the playback of high-quality music, the flat head plug is farther away. The reason for this should start from the difference between the two.

From the listening point of view, in-ear headphones have natural advantages in wearing and sound insulation. With their small size, they can penetrate the ear canal through the combination of catheters and various silicone sleeves. It can isolate most of the external environmental noise, coupled with the reduction of the area in contact with the air, the sound can be directly transmitted into the ear canal, making the sound more delicate and non-destructive, and can obtain a clear sense of hearing with a smaller sound and protect hearing.

In addition, coupled with the resonance effect of the ear canal, the low frequency volume of the in-ear headphones is more powerful and the listening is more detailed, and the listening is more enjoyable.

The flat headphone is fitted to the contour of the external ear canal, and it is basically impossible to listen in a relatively noisy environment. Therefore, many people will turn the earphones louder when they go out to listen. This will accumulate over time and eventually cause hearing loss. Therefore, a pair of soundproof in-ear headphones is still necessary.

Moreover, the sound of the flat headphone is relatively attenuated by the air, and it will be mixed with the external sound, resulting in loss, resulting in the sound not being natural and delicate.

What is the difference between flat headphone and in-ear headphones?

In terms of the fun of playing music, flat-head headphones are basically moving coil and coil iron structure, but in-ear headphones include moving coil, moving iron and piezoelectric structure, etc., and each structure has a different sense of hearing. of. Therefore, in terms of playability, the choice of in-ear headphones is more diversified, and listening is more interesting.

However, in-ear headphones do not have absolute advantages. Flat-head headphones have been rampant in the earphone market for decades, and they still exist today. In addition to the nostalgia of fans, they still have their own other advantages.
God opens a door for you, and then closes a window for you. The in-ear type captures the hearts of most enthusiasts with its natural advantages, but the annoying auscultation effect is the headache.
As the earphone goes deep into the ear canal, friction and collision between the wire and clothes or other places, these external sounds will be amplified by the earphone shell, and then enter the ear canal, which seriously affects normal listening.

In terms of safety, the outside world is busy, and the world with headphones is yours, but the safety of travel is also very important. The flat-head plug is not soundproof and can hear the sound of the external environment, so it is safer to listen to the sound when traveling.

Although the in-ear earphones are very strong in wearing, they will feel foreign body when worn. For more sensitive users, the flat-head plug is more comfortable to wear, and it can bring longer and comfortable listening when listening in the room than in-ear headphones, especially when the sleeping plug is used. It is clear.
Although the advantages of in-ear headphones are more advantageous than flat-head plugs, in some aspects, in-ear headphones cannot replace flat-head plugs, such as flat-head plugs for a comfortable and relaxing listening experience. Therefore, for the choice of the two headsets, in the end it depends on your own actual listening environment and needs.
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