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Are USB microphones better than round hole microphones?

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As a person in the microphone industry for many years, let me talk about this. From the perspective of the subject, it can be summarized as follows: Entertainment needs: home recording equipment: laptop purchase requirements: low noise, high vocal reproduction. Before recommending, first explain the doubts and confusion of the following subject.
1. Which is better, USB microphone or round hole microphone? Which is better, a USB microphone or a round hole microphone, we must first figure out the difference between the two. The microphone of the USB interface is a combination of a microphone and a sound card. Through an internal digital-to-analog conversion circuit, the sound is converted from an analog signal to a digital signal. The 3.5mm interface microphone transmits sound analog signals, and a computer sound card is required to convert the sound analog signals into digital signals for processing. In other words, the digital conversion of the sound signal of the USB interface microphone is in place in one step. The 3.5mm interface microphone converts the sound signal into a digital signal, which requires the help of the built-in sound card of the computer. USB microphone: sound analog signal-USB sound card-digital analog signal Round hole microphone: sound analog signal-computer sound card-digital analog signal

Therefore, the subject mentioned in the question that the hole insertion noise is very loud, due to the poor sound card of the computer, and the configuration of the round hole microphone. The advantage of the jack microphone is that the sound signal is transmitted without loss and the human voice is low in distortion. However, if it is not used with an independent sound card, the computer graphics card generates frequency radiation, which is coupled into the audio circuit, which is prone to squeaking current and noise. The advantage of the USB microphone is the built-in sound card function, the sound digital signal is converted instantly, the human voice effect is clear, there is no interference of electric current and noise, and it is plug-and-play without driving, and it is very convenient to use. Therefore, for computer recording, it is recommended to choose a microphone with a USB interface. Some high-end USB microphones can achieve two-way lossless conversion of digital-to-analog signals and synchronized monitoring. For example, the Blue snowball series mentioned by the subject can achieve this function well.

Are USB microphones better than round hole microphones?

2. How to understand the microphone parameter configuration? If the human body is made up of cells, then the parameter configuration is the "cell" unit of the microphone. For any electronic digital product, we must first look at the parameters and understand its performance configuration. Because the parameters are so important, you need to master a little basic introductory skills. Generally speaking, the sound quality of a microphone depends on 7 parameters: sensitivity, frequency response fluctuation value, self-noise impedance, signal-to-noise ratio, sound pressure level directivity, in simple terms, the lower the sensitivity value, the better, and the lower the frequency response value, the better , The lower the self-noise, the better, the smaller the impedance, the better the signal-to-noise ratio, the higher the sound pressure level, the better, cardioid and omnidirectional are the first choices. According to my above conclusions, you can understand the microphone parameter configuration and find the one with the best performance within the budget.

3. How to measure microphone cost performance? No matter what we buy, we must consider the price/performance ratio, after all, where is the budget. For choosing a USB microphone, the best price/performance ratio is to fit your actual situation. Regarding the question of microphone purchase, I have summarized a set of cost-effective formulas based on years of experience: cost-effective = brand awareness × budget × parameter configuration × equipment used × personal preference brand awareness: microphone quality is guaranteed. Personal budget: Determine the final result of your purchase. Parameter configuration: determine the microphone sound quality effect. Use equipment: affect the microphone recording experience. Personal preference: entertainment needs and appearance preferences. Each factor will affect the price/performance ratio. There are subjective personal preferences and objective factors (brand awareness, budget, parameter configuration, equipment used).
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