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How to promote Amazon's new products, and what are the feasible ideas and methods?

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As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning, and so is Amazon! Many sellers did not do a good job in the early stage of the new product, resulting in very difficult operation or maintenance in the later stage, and the effect is not high! So during the new product promotion period, how do we grasp the golden opportunity of Amazon novice traffic support?

Today I want to explain to you the five general steps of Amazon's new product promotion:

first step
Make preparations for the promotion of new products. Before the promotion of new products, you must do market research, including the market capacity of the product, peer prices, evaluations, sales, peer product selling points and pain points, etc. At the same time, you must fully understand your product selling points, pain points, and posting. point. So that we can better design our product pictures and listing copywriting to create the ultimate listing.
Then formulate a sales plan and stock replenishment plan, formulate the promotion rhythm and sales target. The first batch of goods is generally transported by air, and the first batch of quantities is generally prepared for 40 days of sales. For products that are confident that the order will be released, a batch of products will be sent by sea at the same time. It is not very sure to wait for the first batch of sales after half a month. After coming up, there will be another wave of air freight and a batch of sea freight will be sent at the same time.

Second step
Good quality products in the first week of FBA launch can join the VINE Voice and early reviewers program before the product is on the shelf. Those who are not confident in quality must not do these two.
QA will be added every day on the first day after launch. The initial flow is small. QA will increase by 1-2 per day. The core keywords of the product are embedded in the QA content, and the keyword weight will be increased. About 10 QAs will be completed within a week. On the first day of the sale, find a high-quality buyer account to leave a direct review, and the number of direct reviews does not exceed 5. After the direct comments are displayed, open manual and accurate advertisements for core keywords, and find links to Internet celebrity share products to increase listing traffic. Turn on automatic advertising. At this time, the automatic advertising bid setting is lower than the recommended bid, and there are few evaluations. No VP is not suitable for high bidding to compete for traffic. If you can't compete, it will only waste high advertising costs. Low bidding can also have orders, and it can also help us run out a lot of customer search keywords.

third step
In the second week of FBA’s launch, back-reviews were arranged in an orderly manner. Manual and automatic ads were activated to increase QA per day. 20 QAs were completed within a week and 2-3 QAs per day. On the 8th day of the sale, a back-evaluation will be arranged, and 15 VPs will be completed within two weeks of the launch. Back comments include videos, pictures, and text-only comments.

Turn on manual precision, phrase, and extensive three-mode advertising. At the same time, open another automatic advertisement, the automatic advertisement bid is higher than the first automatic advertisement, and negative keywords are made in advance. Like the good quality evaluation. If there is a negative review immediately, make sure that at least there is no negative review on the homepage, and it is best not to have a negative review in the previous month.

How to promote Amazon's new products, and what are the feasible ideas and methods?

the fourth step
In the third week of FBA’s launch, increase advertising investment, adjust advertising and continue to arrange back reviews, and the speed of back reviews is accelerated, but it is best not to leave a review rate exceeding 20%, and 40 reviews will be completed within this week. Continue to increase QA every day, like important QA, step on QA that is not conducive to our buyers' response.
Increase advertising investment, and stop advertising that does not perform well and that ACOS seriously exceeds the standard (more than 20% of gross profit margin). For advertisements that exceed 20% of gross profit margin, artificial intervention can be made to increase CTR and conversion rate, and then observe the situation. In the second week, the same keyword is turned on at the same time, manual precision, phrase, and broad three modes. This week, see which one or two perform better, and turn off the poor performance. If the performance is good, the ACOS is lower than the gross. Interest rates, then all keep and continue to observe.
Increase the advertising budget for the best performing ad groups. Download the advertising report, sort out the customer search terms that perform well in the automatic advertising, manual precision, and manual phrases, and re-create a new ad group. At this time, manual precision is more appropriate. Sort out the inaccurate words in the advertising report, and make accurate negatives in the denial of each advertisement. Select suitable ASINs for competing products and ASINs of related products, select suitable ASINs from the advertising report, and advertise the products. Pay attention to listing category rankings, natural search rankings for core keywords, changes in competitor prices, promotions, etc. Report the spike activity in the Amazon background. At this time, you can get the One New Release logo. If the promotion is in place, you can get this logo in the next week.

the fifth step
In the fourth week of FBA's launch, the seckill, outside the station to help the explosion of money continue to arrange back reviews, breaking through the 60 VP evaluation mark. Like high-quality praise, to ensure that there are no negative reviews on the homepage. Maintain the review star rating above 4.5. Respond to buyers’ QA questions in a timely manner. Analyze the content of negative reviews, improve the quality of upgraded products, and improve product descriptions.
Participate in the spike, and increase the listing traffic and conversion rate before the spike. Stabilize the ranking after the spike. Do off-site promotion, off-site deal, celebrity promotion, video website promotion, social networking website promotion. Continue to pay attention to the listing ranking and core keyword natural search ranking every day, and keep the core keyword natural search ranking on the homepage. Pay attention to the dynamics of competitors. Control advertising ACOS, except for spikes and off-site promotion, reduce advertising bids and budgets at other times. The advertising ACOS value is greater than or equal to the gross profit margin, and only profitable advertising is retained. If the core word ACOS is higher than the gross profit margin, check the listing quality.
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