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How to choose a Bluetooth speaker?

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The popularity of smart phones and tablet computers has given birth to a series of peripheral peripherals, among which portable Bluetooth speakers are more commonly used. Because of its small appearance, exquisite and beautiful appearance; coupled with wide compatibility of the Bluetooth chip and equipped with many novel functions, it is loved by young people. The portable bluetooth speaker market is a relatively new field, and there are also many phenomena of confusion. Take Yixun as an example, it has 48 portable Bluetooth brands stationed in it, and the number of products has reached 377. These data do not yet include unknown knockoff brands and products. What is the market status of Bluetooth speakers? How to buy Bluetooth speakers correctly? Hope this article can give you some inspiration.

Status Quo of the Bluetooth Speaker Market:
At present, the mainstream Bluetooth speakers on the market are composed of several parts: domestic brands, international brands, and the so-called counterfeit brands. The existence of different types of products is also in line with the mainstream market demand. The number of domestic brands is large and the price is in the middle. Most buyers will choose these reassuring and affordable products; the price of international brands is basically 3-5 times that of domestic brands. , And even higher, the users who buy are concentrated in the digital geeks and geeks; more copycat products are found in street stalls, subway entrances and other corners, the price is very low, the sound quality is conceivable, and the purchase They are more users who are not sensitive to digital products. At present, the Bluetooth speaker market is chaotic, and there are still many problems. The embarrassing face collision, homogeneity is still serious.

It is almost 100% pure imitation.
Homogenization is an inevitable topic, and the homogeneity of the audio circle has its own characteristics. It is said that foreign moons are rounder than their own, and it is not the case that small Bluetooth speakers and speakers from well-known foreign brands "accidentally" hit their faces. Imitation is a shortcut to quickly becoming famous. After all, it is standing on the shoulders of giants, secretly changing the concept, and plagiarizing the appearance has almost no high cost. On the other hand, the homogeneity is reflected in the technical level. Technology Kaiyuan is the current status quo. The entry barrier for all kinds of technologies is not high. Why can manufacturers not do it! If your home has Bluetooth, I also have it, and NFC is low in cost. Also add, just like the smart phones on the market, any function can be implemented on any phone. This greatly increases the identification cost for consumers.

There is chaos in the industry, how do you fight against the cottage? !
Some users are wise to be fakes and are willing to pay for it because of the two words: cheap!
Due to the high threshold of the high-quality audio field, ordinary manufacturers are not easy to enter due to technology and capital constraints. Therefore, this field is relatively stable and there will not be too many new competitors; the market for Bluetooth speakers is different. Strolling through the Guangzhou subway entrance and urban villages, all the stalls along the street sell power banks, bluetooth speakers and cheap headphones. Among them, bluetooth speakers can be purchased for as little as thirty or fifty yuan, and many products are also under the banner of foreign leaders. Rampant rampage, to a certain extent, will bring a lot of impact to regular manufacturers. There are many portable speaker brands. Although some manufacturers can be regarded as formal brands that have begun to take shape, because the industry is too new and the audience’s awareness is low, it is very likely that they will be mistakenly entered into the ranks of copycats when they just show up. How to accurately identify genuine products and counterfeit products, and how to choose products that suit you according to your consumption ability, we will talk about in detail below.

How to choose a Bluetooth speaker
Buying things is the same as looking for objects, people tend to believe in eyesight. At first glance, the call is coming, which means that the transaction is more than half successful. Therefore, the appearance of the Bluetooth speaker is the most important to consumers, and it is also the most benevolent. Everyone has different aesthetic tastes, so the choice of appearance will not be too much trouble. From another perspective, what should we pay attention to when buying a Bluetooth speaker?

1. Bluetooth version: improved technology for each version of Bluetooth

Although the newer Bluetooth version has downward compatibility characteristics, no matter which version of Bluetooth is almost 100% compatible, it does not mean that the Bluetooth version model is not important. Up to now, there are six versions of Bluetooth technology, including V1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 4.0. The higher versions are backward compatible. Among them, the V1.1 and 1.2 versions have been basically eliminated. The most widely used version is V2.0, 2.1 version, its transmission rate can reach more than 2Mbps, and can transmit data and voice at the same time. Newer and improved versions V3.0 and 4.0 have been released, and the transmission speed has been greatly increased to 24Mbps, and the theoretical value of the transmission distance can reach 60 meters. Therefore, before buying, you need to understand the Bluetooth version of your playback device. The editor recommends that you buy a newer Bluetooth speaker with version 2.1 or higher. If the Bluetooth version is too low, it is prone to intermittent music playback.

How to choose a Bluetooth speaker?

2. About the material: observe the workmanship in the details
Unlike traditional multimedia speakers that use wooden cabinets, most Bluetooth small speakers are usually made of plastic, metal, and other materials. Normally, regular brands will not save money on the materials used for the speakers. Even if they are made of plastic materials, they rarely have uneven surfaces and thin textures. Some deliberate brands will even cover the exterior of the speaker with a waterproof coating or special waterproof paint to meet the needs of users for outdoor travel. The editor here wants to remind you to pay attention to whether the speaker interface is flat when purchasing, and weigh the weight of the speaker by hand. Although a speaker with too light weight is portable, a slight bump can easily cause damage to the internal parts.

3. Battery life: a list of the parameters of mainstream dual-unit portable Bluetooth speakers
The battery life of the speaker is the same as that of a mobile phone, of course, the longer the better. Of course, everything has a peak value. I suggest that under normal use, the ideal battery life of Bluetooth should be maintained at 8-10 hours. Listen for 3 hours a day for 3 days. Usually the working time of the speaker has a certain relationship with the battery capacity and the power of the product, battery capacity = use time × equipment power ÷ battery voltage. Simply put, when other values are constant, the battery capacity is proportional to the use time. Take dual-unit Bluetooth speakers as an example. Their power is concentrated between 4W and 6W. If you want to achieve a more ideal playback time, the battery capacity should be more than 1000mAh.

4. Sound quality
The sound quality should be listened to by yourself, choose a speaker that meets your listening habits
Objectively speaking, the sound quality of a small speaker is very awkward. It does not have a large speaker and power like a hifi/target=_blank>HIFI speaker, and its sound quality cannot compete with a large speaker due to physical limitations. But for the vast majority of users who are not golden ears, the use of small speakers with tablets and mobile phones is sufficient to meet their hearing needs. In this case, how to judge the sound quality? The most intuitive way is to listen to it in person. For example, brands such as BOSE will have their own products offline in physical stores for users to audition. You need to pay attention to several points during the audition. First, whether the loudness of the speaker is loud enough; second, whether the treble is broken when the volume is higher; the middle frequency part of the speaker is the most commonly used when listening to pop music and watching movies. Whether the sound is distorted and whether the sound is over-stained; in the end, the low frequency, don't be too harsh, just meet your basic expectations.

5. Other
Many small speakers are promoted with new, strange and special functions as gimmicks, such as their own alarm clock, wireless card reader, NFC, self-contained colorful lights, etc. Although the functions are dazzling and convenient, don't put the cart before the horse. Users should not cover up their original intention to buy Bluetooth speakers because of the gorgeous publicity.

to sum up:
Purchasing Bluetooth speakers according to the above suggestions, the general direction is basically correct, the rest is that users choose their own speaker products according to their budget and taste. In short, choose a familiar brand and don't buy a lot of unknown broken copper and iron at a small bargain, so as to avoid unnecessary safety hazards.
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