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Headphone maintenance tips, take care of it from a small point

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With the popularization of smart phones and computer digital products, earphones have become one of our must-haves. Audio is not necessary for listening to music or watching movies, but earphones are a must-have listening device for every young person. Many friends said that the newly bought earphones were not durable and broke out after a while. Especially earphone enthusiasts have extremely high requirements for the sound quality of earphones. Headphone products can burn up no more money than SLR and other equipment. However, consumer-grade headphones are often classified as electronic digital products or their accessories. The main reason is that most current electronic digital products focus on audio-visual entertainment functions. Headphones as listening devices are included with them, and most people are more willing to use them. This kind of earphone, or friends who are pursuing sound quality a little bit, may buy an earphone that is not too expensive for listening.

Compared with earphone enthusiasts, there are still more mass users. They will not take care of their beloved things like enthusiasts. Of course, part of this is because the price of these earphones is not as expensive as high-quality earphones. , But the more important thing is that the public users do not pay so much attention to the headset in the ideology of the public, so the headset damage often occurs. Only after it is broken do we notice how troublesome it is to listen without earphones, and it is not so simple to repair and buy new earphones.

Therefore, we should mention the importance of earphone protection. We should pay attention to some details in normal use. These things may not cause you much trouble, but they can indeed reduce the chance of damage to our earphones. Now, let's introduce the knowledge about headphone maintenance together.

Do not wear headphones while sleeping

The earphone is a relatively great invention, so it is not excessive to say that it allows the speakers to be fixed directly on both sides of the ear, breaking through many restrictive factors of audio listening. This also allows many people to use it more freely, and they can listen to the headphones at any time at will. Even while sleeping, some music lovers have developed a habit and it is difficult to fall asleep without listening to music while sleeping. , You can only fall asleep with the music with earphones, but it may not be appropriate to use earphones in this way.

The headset itself is not meant to be worn while sleeping. If we are already asleep, what will the headset do? I believe it is not something that everyone can control. It is very unlikely that ordinary people will stay still overnight, and it is impossible to guarantee what posture we are in when we sleep, and we still look like this when we wake up. The earphones may entangle or break the wires as we keep on squirming. This is very likely to happen.

If some friends are using headphones, it may cause the headphones to be crushed, the unit shell to break, and so on. The structure of the headset is not too problematic in normal use, but if it is pressed under the body or crowded while sleeping, no one can guarantee that it will not be damaged. It is worth noting that the head beam, moment arm, or folding lever of the headset are relatively fragile, and they are easily torn when they are squeezed and deformed.

Headphone maintenance tips, take care of it from a small point

Therefore, we still try to avoid using headphones while sleeping. If you have to listen to music to fall asleep, it doesn't have to be so troublesome. It is more convenient to buy a bedside stereo close to the head. At present, many furniture bedside speakers also have functions such as clock display, alarm clock and FM radio, which are specially designed for bedside listening.

It’s important to listen on the go and protect your headphones

We still need to pay attention to a lot of problems when using earphones when going out. The first is that the cables are often squeezed and broken. We can often see scenes in movies and advertisers that have beautiful scenery outside and enjoy listening with headphones in a very comfortable way. I think people who are busy are generally not as sensational as those who have spare time. The scene is just a beautiful means of propaganda.

Isn't that the ideal state of listening outside?

Especially when we live in a populous country like China, um, I think everyone understands! The real problem is that all of us are very busy. It may be time to listen to music when we go to get off work. We can see young people listening with headphones on the subway, on the bus, on the aisle, and on the side of the road. The scene we saw at this time was by no means as described in the movie. It is inevitable that people are next to people and people are crowded. Headphones are often squeezed out, which is better.

In fact, we often listen in such an environment

Therefore, many people are willing to wear more stable and better sound insulation headphones when going out, but if the headphones cannot be pulled from their ears when crowded, the wire is the easiest to be torn. The wire is torn when going out to listen. Broken down is also frequent. So we must protect our earphones when we go out.

If you try to sort out your wires when people are crowded, don’t be pulled by other things. In addition, pay attention to protect the unit of the earphone. Falling and bumping may cause damage to it. We should not listen to music when we go out. Realistic, but paying attention to protecting your headset is also the most important at this time.

The details that need to be paid attention to when using the headset

In addition to some problems that need to be paid attention to in the use environment, in addition, some details in the daily use are also worthy of our attention. These issues may not be that long to talk about, so we will list a few points for you in the fewest words. It seems to be more intuitive, and I hope to bring everyone's attention to these issues.

1. The earphones are easy to be contaminated with sweat when going out. Please wipe off sweat after use. Because the oils and fats secreted by the human body have a corrosive effect on the wire, the wire will age and become glued or easily broken over time.

2. The earphone wires should not be entangled frequently, and they should be naturally combed when using them. Do not twist them like twists. This is particularly easy to cause poor contact of the earphone wires. Pay attention to the natural combing of the wires when storing the earphones. The use of equipment such as cable winders is actually unscientific. The more the wires are twisted, the easier it is to cause internal damage.

3. Be careful not to bend the plug of the earphone frequently. This part is often easy to break when placed in the pocket. Poor contact of the connector part is a common occurrence in many earphones.

4. When using headphones, the volume should not be surprisingly loud. Many people like to turn on a loud volume when using headphones. This is not only not good for the ears, but also can cause wrinkles in the diaphragm and severely burn the voice coil.

5. The earphone uses a magnet unit, so keep it away from strong magnets as much as possible, because this will reduce the magnetism of the unit magnet, and the sensitivity will decrease over time.

6. The internal unit of the moving iron earphone is different from the moving coil earphone, so try not to drop it, especially the multi-unit moving iron earphone is very prone to partial sound when it is bumped.

7. Keep the earphones away from humidity. Too much humidity will cause the solder joints inside the earphones to rust, increase the resistance, and cause bias.

8. Do not use the earphones outside in winter or when it is cold. The wire will become brittle and hardened when cold, and it will be easier to break. 9. Keep away from chemical substances, especially items that may react with the earphone shell. I once dripped a certain brand of toner on the paint of the violin. Due to the heavy alcohol content, it directly dilutes a piece of paint...

10. Earphones are more sophisticated items. Don’t be too curious to disassemble them. Many earphones are difficult to disassemble, and it is difficult to install them after disassembly.

11. Male friends, be careful not to smoke while using the earphones. Perhaps you are unlikely to burn the earphone shell, but the wire is still relatively easy to burn. Perhaps the above problems are not deep insights and knowledge. Everyone knows what these problems may cause, but they usually pay less attention. We will also summarize some of the details that should be paid attention to during use. Come down to bring everyone's attention. In fact, these details may not take us too much time, but careful use can indeed reduce the chance of earphone damage and effectively extend the life of the earphone. After all, it is still a device we need to listen to and use every day. Pay more attention to it. Great benefit.
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