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What are the types of microphones

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Conference microphones are generally divided into two types: wireless and wired. The feature is that wired conference microphones have good stability, and wireless conference microphones are more flexible to use and can move freely within a specified range. If the microphone system is flexible and changes frequently, you have to use wireless conference microphones. Because wireless conference microphones are more flexible and convenient to use, they are more popular with consumers. What kinds of conference microphones are available? A brief introduction is given below.

There is a conference microphone that uses adaptive frequency hopping spread spectrum technology, which is characterized by supporting multiple units and strong anti-interference ability. Different brands have different ranges of use. The general use distance is within 50 meters. This microphone is mainly used for Government agencies, meeting rooms of enterprises and institutions, etc.

What are the types of microphones

There is also a conference microphone using UHF wide frequency band, which is characterized by stable receiving signal and strong anti-interference ability. It can be programmed in advance to select the optional channel used, and multiple microphones can be used at the same time. The microphone volume can be adjusted to meet the needs of different occasions.

The last type is the VHF band microphone, due to its unique internal structure, high design frequency, strong anti-interference ability, and very little interference. There will be no frequency conversion. The reason is that the advanced crystal frequency lock is used, and the reception effect is better than the above two microphones. Performance and quality have improved a step. It is a kind of microphone that is more popular on the market.

The above is a brief introduction about the three conference microphones
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