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How to improve Amazon product scores

2021-03-30 540
1. Solve the problem that caused negative comments
Scoring usually reflects three issues: delivery speed, customer service efficiency, and accuracy of listing information.

2. Send an e-mail request for comments
Basically, buyers will not spend time reading Amazon's automatic e-mail request for reviews. If there are too few comments, the seller can send a personalized tracking email 1-2 weeks after the product is delivered. The email can include a comment link, company logo and any other information that can highlight oneself.

3. Send tracking emails

Before sending the review email, the seller can send an email to try it out. A few days after the package is delivered, simply sending a "everything alright?" greeting e-mail may be able to reassure dissatisfied customers in time before other accidental damage is caused.

How to improve Amazon product scores

4. Respond to customer emails quickly
Under normal circumstances, the faster the seller responds to customer emails, the lower the possibility of customers submitting negative reviews. Hire an extra person to reply to customer emails in a timely manner, and kill negative comments in the cradle instead of negotiating with customers afterwards and asking them to withdraw comments.

5. Pay attention to details and provide the most perfect service
Amazon customers want perfect service, which will directly affect buyers' ratings of stores or products. They will leave comments and low scores because of any minor mistakes, which will damage the brand image.
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