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What are the best selling categories on Amazon

2021-03-30 546
What Amazon sells best depends on the consumption orientation of the general public.

1. Toys and games
Every few months, animated dreamworks such as Disney will launch new movies based on children of different ages. When movies came out, various movie peripherals, such as toys, games, and small objects, became popular one after another. As a result, Amazon generates a lot of revenue from toys and games in one year.
In addition to movie-themed toys and games, there are also intellectual and general-purpose ones. In order to guide consumers' buying behavior, Amazon publishes the annual peak season toy list every year, counting the top 100 toys and games in the year. With this list, consumers are more likely to choose some products from it.

2. Electronic products

The current social environment is full of technology products. The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing every day, and new electronic products of all ages are constantly being released. There are millions of products in the electronic product category. To help customers make purchase decisions, Amazon shares the Best of Prime report every year, which includes the products that Prime members buy the most each year.

What are the best selling categories on Amazon

3. Camera/Photo
This category is a subcategory of the electronics category. Products in this category include a combination of cameras, camera accessories and video equipment: Popular products in this category include wireless home surveillance cameras, Fuji disposable film and baby monitors.

4. Video games
Video game products have grown into one of Amazon's most profitable categories, with a market value of US$100 billion. To keep up with the growth trend of this category, Amazon is developing the Amazon Game Studios project and recruiting project developers. The purpose of developing this project is to enable gamers to live broadcast live on Twitch.
Amazon pays so much attention to video games and provides sellers with the opportunity to pan for gold in this market. The more you know about your audience and video games, the easier it will be to find good products.
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