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Analyze the difference between dynamic earphones and moving iron earphones

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Music enthusiasts with deep qualifications generally have their own unique insights when choosing what kind of headphones and music, and it seems that they will not be affected too much by others. The general users do not have too high requirements, just a headset can be used. Friends who are mainly entangled in what kind of earphones to choose are generally first-time users. They have a certain understanding of earphone knowledge, but they are still not very rich, and there are not many types of listening. There is no comparison between various earphones. Determine whether certain headphones are really good, but always want to raise their listening standards, so there will be problems of one kind or another.

Regarding these friends, entry-level earphones seem to be no longer able to satisfy them. They need better earphones to meet their listening needs, but they have no choice but to encounter a lot of questions. After all, they still need to be cautious when buying earphones at a certain price. Some. In the field of medium and high-quality portable earphones, not only dynamic earphones are available, moving iron earphones are also a very good choice. For many people, they have heard about it, but they always want to understand about dynamic earphones and dynamic earphones. I believe that there are not a few friends who have such doubts about the question of which is better for moving iron headphones.

We are trying our best to introduce the difference between some moving coil earplugs and moving iron earplugs from a more introductory level, and we will provide you with some necessary help when buying headphones.

Dynamic headphones

In fact, there are many types of earphones. There are different varieties according to different methods. In fact, for many non-headphone enthusiasts, they may not even know that there are so many categories of earphones, but for earphone fans, these categories are in The hearts are more clear. For example, according to the way of energy conversion, we can often see two kinds of moving coil and moving iron earphones. Maybe you don't pay much attention to it. Most of the earphones we use are moving coil structure.

Dynamic headset structure

Moving coil earphones are indeed the most common form of earphones we see. Not only earphones, but most of all speaker products also use a moving coil structure. Its driving unit is actually a small moving coil speaker, which is connected to the diaphragm by a coil in a permanent magnetic field, and the voice coil drives the diaphragm to emit sound under the drive of the signal current.

Dynamic headphone unit

The structure of the moving coil is actually not too complicated, it is relatively easy to make, and the technology is relatively mature now, with the first model, wide frequency response, low distortion and other characteristics. Whether it is high-quality headphones or entry-level products, earbuds or headsets, dynamic headphones are the mainstream form, because dynamic headphones are not limited by the unit area, the size of the diaphragm can be larger, and theoretically, it can be Get a better sound, but because of other factors such as production technology and tuning, this is not true.

Whether high-quality large-unit headphones or entry-level small earbuds, the dynamic coil structure is the mainstream

The headphones of the dynamic unit have a better musical performance in terms of sound performance, the tri-band connection is smooth, the sound field is more relaxed and natural, and the listening experience is good. This is also the reason most enthusiasts know and are keen on dynamic headphones. . However, the response speed of the moving coil is slow. When the moving coil earphone converts the electrical signal into a magnetic signal, it pushes the moving coil to emit sound waves. A little distortion will inevitably occur in the middle. Therefore, the grasp of the details is relatively not so precise and accurate, but It can get a better bass effect, so the sound performance will be warmer.

Moving iron earphone

Analyze the difference between dynamic earphones and moving iron earphones

 Moving iron earphones are actually not a new technology. They were used as earpieces for telephones at the earliest, and later they were widely used by hearing aids. Only in the last ten years has they been gradually applied to music listening earplugs. It is not the same as the sound produced by the driving diaphragm of a moving coil earphone. The voice coil inside the moving iron earplug is wound on an iron piece called a balanced armature located in the center of the permanent magnetic field. This armature is actually a moving iron unit. The armature drives the sound through the action of magnetic force.

Moving iron earplug structure

It uses an electromagnet to generate an alternating magnetic field. The vibrating part is an iron piece suspended in front of the electromagnet. When the signal passes through the electromagnet, the magnetic field of the magnet will change, so that the patch vibrates and makes a sound. The moving iron unit can be made very small, so multiple units can be put into each ear shell. This is what we often call a 2-unit, 3-unit, 4-unit and other multi-unit moving iron headset.

The vibration efficiency of the moving iron earphone is higher, so the response speed is very fast, and the playback of the details is better. It is very good at expressing the details and layering of the sound. However, the sound lacks musicality, the tone is cold and not so warm, and lacks certain emotional and imposing performance; the frequency response range of moving iron earplugs is also relatively narrow, but due to the very small volume of the sound unit, it is used in multiple units to pass The crossover circuit can improve the sound, and the frequency response range is also wider.

Due to the limitation of the sound principle, the moving iron earphone can only be designed as a closed structure and earplugs. It is impossible to use it as an open type and a head-mounted type. The manufacturing cost of moving iron earphones is relatively high, and it has not become a mainstream listening product for mass users. However, due to the many advantages of moving iron earphones, it has always been a pet of niche music enthusiasts. However, with the continuous popularity of music listening and the continuous improvement of the pursuit of high-quality sound, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to moving iron earphone products.

The difference between dynamic earphones and dynamic iron earphones

So from the above, it is not difficult to see the difference between moving iron earphones and moving coil earphones, but when they are introduced separately, they may be a little abstract and not so intuitive, so we will use moving iron earphones with moving coil earphones below. Compared with, what advantages and disadvantages do they have to make it easier for everyone to understand the difference between these two headsets.

Sensitivity: The structure of the moving iron unit is almost a closed container, which can be driven with only a small current, so the moving iron earphone is more advantageous in terms of sensitivity.

Sound and music sense: It is generally believed that dynamic earphones have a better musical feel, while the sound of moving iron earphones is cold and tough, but sleek and smooth. It is true that moving iron earphones have this problem, making the emotional performance of the sound not so prominent.

Sound field: Since moving iron earphones are of closed structure, their performance has always been a flaw. Moving coil structure earphones are better in this regard, especially high-quality open dynamic earphones undoubtedly have an advantage.

Resolution power: Resolution power has always been a good advantage of moving iron headphones, and it performs well in the playback of sound details. The general dynamic structure of the headset is not so good in the control of the details.

Layering: The dynamic iron earphone itself has rich details and glamorous sound, and its layering distribution is also clearer, and it will not have the smooth and excessive feeling like the dynamic earphone.

Sound density: The sound density of dynamic earphones is slightly loose and not compact enough, while the performance of dynamic iron earphones in this respect is much better than it, and the compactness is very good.

Frequency response speed: The vibration efficiency of the moving iron earphone is high, so the corresponding speed is faster than that of the moving coil earphone, and the transient performance is also faster.

Frequency response range: The narrow frequency response range has always been the weakness of moving iron earphones. A good moving coil structure earphone can even break through the listening range of the human ear to reach a wider frequency response range. But moving iron earphones can make up for some shortcomings in the frequency response range through unit stacking and frequency division technology.

Frequency response curve: The unit of the moving coil earphone is combined with glue and coil. The frequency response curve will have some changes under different temperatures and humidity and during use. The moving iron unit is made of metal material, which has better stability and more reliable sound quality.

Sound insulation effect: The unit area of dynamic headphones is larger, and more space and air are required to participate in the vibration during the occurrence, so excellent sound insulation cannot be guaranteed. Moving iron earphones can effectively reduce the area of the ear part and can be put into the deep-rooted ear canal part. Therefore, moving iron earphones are naturally more dominant in terms of sound insulation effect. The physical noise reduction performance of a good sound insulation earphone can reach a few very bezels, which is unmatched by a dynamic earphone.

Volume: Due to the characteristics of the moving iron unit, the moving iron earphone can only be an earplug structure, and the volume is very small, and even a very small moving coil earphone can hardly reach the volume of a single unit moving iron earphone.

Price: Due to the complicated manufacturing process and high cost of moving iron units, the price has always been unacceptable for many people. Even the cheaper moving iron earphones have to cost several hundred yuan. This is not the case in previous years. Reasons for easy popularity. The cheaper dynamic earphones can even be bought for a few yuan, which can be described as a world of difference. However, the price of moving iron earphones has been declining in recent years, and with the increasing number of enthusiasts, this situation has gradually changed.

More intuitive table representation

 Of course, if you still feel too much and too boring about the above text description, we have made a more intuitive table for everyone to watch. Although the presentation may not be as comprehensive as the text, we want to be able to quickly in a faster way If you understand the difference between these two headsets, the following table is more useful.

The difference between dynamic earphones and dynamic iron earphones

It is worth mentioning that there are already brands that can combine these two energy conversion methods beautifully. The combination of moving iron + moving coil combines the advantages of the two earplugs, which not only guarantees the music of the moving coil, but also guarantees The analysis of moving iron is undoubtedly very beautiful, but these tens of thousands of yuan of earplugs are considered high-quality in earplug products, and they are not affordable for ordinary people, but perhaps in the near future, this kind of ring iron advantage will be combined. After earplugs become more mature and their costs drop, they may become popular. We are looking forward to it.

Written at the end: Through the above introduction and several different expressions, the difference between dynamic earphones and dynamic iron earphones is compared. We can't say which earphone is better, and which earphone is worse. After all, they all have Their own characteristics and advantages also have their own shortcomings, and the final choice depends on personal preference. However, after reading this article, I believe that everyone has a preliminary understanding of the two different types of headphones. So what kind of headphones to choose? Finally, I suggest that you can go to the physical store to actually experience the sound of these different headphones. Performance and then make a rational purchasing decision. After all, theory is just a theory and can be used as a reference. Only the sense of hearing that suits you is king!
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