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What kind of headphones need an amp?

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Does the headset need an amp? What kind of headphones need an amp? How to choose an amp rationally? These three questions.

The role of the amp:

First of all, it needs to be clear that the role of the amp is not to "improve the sound quality", but to allow the headset to express its true sound level under sufficient drive.

As the name suggests, the headphone power amplifier is a device that amplifies the power of the signal, and from the working principle of the amplifier device, it can be classified into two types: voltage amplification and current amplification. In layman's terms, the headphone amplifier gives users the impression that the sound is loud, but what does it mean if the volume is loud enough?

The role of sky-high price amp and ordinary amp is power amplification

From an electrical point of view, it means that the output energy is large enough. For a load with a certain impedance, the voltage peak-to-peak value is large enough. As for the output sound quality, the volume is almost meaningless (but if the volume is not enough, the sound quality can hardly be said to be satisfactory, of course, it depends on the individual if it is enough). Because any analog amplifier circuit has its linear working interval, after this interval, the circuit still has an amplifying effect, but it becomes a nonlinear amplifier. Therefore, simply the volume is large enough, and it does not mean that the output quality is the best at this time.

The ideal amplifier should be "a wire with gain" (a purely theoretical discussion). When the signal passes through this wire, only the amplitude changes, but the shape does not change. However, with the current level of technology, even higher-quality amplifiers cannot fully achieve this.

What kind of headphones need amp:

What kind of headphones need an amp?

If you can understand the previous section, I believe you already know the function of the amp and the characteristics of the current amp. So do you need an amp for your headphones? Regarding this issue, although there is controversy in the fever community, the reason why this issue is controversial is caused by the difference in the perspectives of the parties. In the final analysis, it is to get better sound quality. In fact, we believe that this is not a simple non-zero or one multiple-choice question, or the dialectical materialist dichotomy should be used to discuss the problem.

In fact, different earphones have different requirements for amps. For low-end earphones, most of them don’t need amps, because the designer will consider the purpose of the product when designing it, what equipment is its front end, and what is there. Such output characteristics will generally be recognized.

Therefore, these types of products usually directly use Walkmans and sound cards to get a good driving effect (not ruled out that you will find it better to hear if you add an amp), etc., these headphones themselves are limited in quality, although they are equipped with a computer And the amp has also been improved, but we think it is of little significance.

Most of the headphones that "need amp" are of medium to high quality. This is a well-known earphone with high requirements for amp. The high frequency is delicate and the extension is good. The problems of the front-end sound source and the amp and even the CD disc will be exposed. At the same time, its low frequency has the disadvantage of fat and slow, which must be passed. The amp is controlled to bring out the layering and flexibility of the low frequency, and it is not a simple matter for the amp to do these two points.

The headphone output of sound card and walkman, CD player, and power amplifier are actually simple amps. The first two are limited by the sound source itself, and it is impossible to have any good performance (sound card refers to civilian sound card). Headphone output of CD player It is also an attached function, even 10,000 yuan products may not be able to completely push the HD600. This does not require any golden ears, as long as there is a live comparison, it can be heard.

How to treat the difference in listeners’ sense of hearing

People have different levels of sound sensitivity and naturally have different requirements for equipment. We cannot use the standards of a small number of people who are not hearing sensitive to promote. We should not criticize the feelings of primary users or players, but we cannot use their opinions as a standard to measure the HiFi equipment we come into contact with. In fact, the actual listening experience of many audiophiles has taught us the importance of ear placement in the entire system, which does not require the legendary "golden ear".

Again, the need for an amp depends on the system and headphones. Even if you listen to the MX500 with a desktop CD+ amp, you can hear a significant improvement over directly using the onboard sound card; but we never recommend that netizens go for it. Matching because the system configuration is unreasonable. Similarly, if you have mid-to-high-quality headphones without an amp, it is a waste of headphone resources and does not perform effectively. This system is also unreasonable.
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