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Finally, the ads that have been blocked for nearly three months are back to normal!

2021-03-29 476
It's hard to imagine that the advertisement of a product has been blocked for three months, and it is a product with a 200+ rating and 4.6 points. The intermediate loss can be imagined. The FBA warehouse has a lot of inventory, and the Shenzhen warehouse also has it, which really makes people anxious.

There were no exposures or clicks on the advertisements, but it was normal to display when the advertisement was clicked, and it was not classified as an adult product as expected. Is it unusual? !

I opened a case and asked the customer service. Some said there was no problem with the advertisement. Some say that the treatment has been done, and it will be back to normal after 48 or 72 hours. But the result is always the same, the ad is still not exposed and clicked.

Fortunately, there are still natural orders for the product, which will not become a slow-moving inventory, but the sales volume and ranking are far behind the past.

After that, I began to reflect on myself. Is there any violation? But apart from this product, advertisements for other products are normal.

So I started to check the content of the listing to see if there were any non-compliant keywords and found that everything was normal.

Finally, the A+ page of the product was locked. Two products in the middle were identified as adult products and were removed from the shelves, but there are still two products in this A+. So quickly delete and republish. Then continue to appeal, the result is still the same as before.

In the middle, I even thought about giving it up, planning to reduce the price, and then the Buddha system sold out.

But still unwilling, after all, this product is still profitable to sell, and the foundation of the listing is not bad. I am reluctant to find someone to help me. I still choose to find an ad manager I know, but his authority is not enough, and I haven't found the reason. I just guessed that it might violate the advertising rules, so I suggested that I find the ad account manager of the account.

Just some time ago, the advertising account manager contacted me, so I found the mailbox and sent him an email, but it was totally overwhelming!

Haha! Are you disappointed? At this time we need to know that the official managers we know are not omnipotent. In other words, their level is not enough, it can also be said that our own rank is not enough. It has not yet reached the position where they can directly help with the problem. This is the reality (the great sellers are often followed up by a dedicated account manager, and they will also give some operational suggestions and resource introductions, but only if you have It’s a big hit. So, come on).

So I continued to open the case and switched to a different path to find an advertising customer service, with the same mentality as before, but did not have much hope. But the next day, I found that the orders for this product started to increase a lot, and the ranking was also rising. I checked the advertisement, and it really started to have exposure and clicks. Surprisingly happy!

Finally, the ads that have been blocked for nearly three months are back to normal!

After this incident, summarize the following 5 experiences:

1. Be familiar with the rules of the platform as much as possible, and take precautions before they happen;

2. Pay more attention to the data, and find out in time when you encounter problems;

3. Don't be clever to hit the side ball, the platform will still catch and punish you sooner or later;

4. If you encounter a problem, look for the cause first, and continue to look for it if you can't find it;

5. Open more cases, Chinese customer service cannot find English, product customer service cannot find advertising, advertising customer service cannot find brand... If you think it is right, then stick to it!
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