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3700 Amazon sellers surge every day! The investment quota has been tightened again.

2021-03-29 569
Recently, Finbold data analysis released Amazon's new store registration data from 2021 to the present. Data shows that Amazon has added 295,000 new sellers worldwide, which is equivalent to adding more than 3,700 new sellers every day, possibly 155 per hour, 2 per minute. It is expected to attract 1.4 million new sellers by the end of 2021.

The report released by Finbold pointed out that among these new sellers, Amazon's new sellers in the US accounted for more than 25% of the world, and in 2021, at least 29,800 new sellers will join the Indian station. Then there are Canada and UK stations. Ranked fifth is the Dutch station. The Dutch station was first launched in March 2020, but the proportion of new sellers has surpassed that of sites such as Germany, Italy and France.

Affected by the epidemic, many countries such as the United States have suffered severe economic shocks, and most retailers have used platforms such as Amazon to attract customers.

Amazon's investment promotion has been tightened, and store registration requirements have increased

Recently, it has been reported that Amazon’s official investment promotion has become saturated, and now to enter North American and European sites, it basically needs the qualifications of large customers, can provide factory or product certification, and has R mark or TM receipt.

3700 Amazon sellers surge every day! The investment quota has been tightened again.

In addition to the increased requirements for registration qualifications, some sellers said that their materials are all formal and how to come, but after a long time they have not been linked.

Sellers also reported that it takes almost a month to register a store and the link is down, and video verification is required for registration.

Some sellers even mentioned that it is difficult to get the link registered in North America recently, and the double-certified stores are not enough. The price has soared by one to two thousand, and it is said that it may break ten thousand.

There is no doubt that Amazon has a huge opportunity to create value for sellers in the market. But it also proves that Amazon's investment promotion has recently begun to tighten.

At the same time, remind sellers who want to register Amazon accounts. From the current situation, Amazon’s new account registration verification will become more and more strict. Amazon is now screening high-quality sellers to settle in, so the qualification review of sellers is more stringent. Sellers need To improve their qualifications, if sellers who want to register an account, try to complete it in the first half of the year, so that they can have more energy to operate the account in the second half of the year.
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