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Headphones are better for listening to music

2021-03-27 532
Friends who like to listen to music ask if headphones or speakers are better for listening to music? Today we mainly talk about the comparison of audio and headphones in sound quality, usage and comparative operation, and help you choose whether to listen to music with headphones or audio.

Headphones are better for listening to music

1. Sound quality comparison: exquisite VS spirit
The earphone and the speaker itself do not produce sound. They both rely on the diaphragm to vibrate the air. The diaphragm of the earphone is very small compared to the sound. There is a fundamental difference between the quality and quantity of the vibrating air. There are different auditory feelings.

The sound characteristics of the earphones are clear, delicate, and clear, suitable for listening in quiet, easy to carry without affecting others' rest. The disadvantage is that the bass is not enough and the shock is not strong. The sound characteristics of the stereo are strong, bold, strong bass, and high frequency. The disadvantage is that the weak sound is not delicate enough, and the sense of detail is worse than that of the headset.

Headphones are better for listening to music

2. Comparison of uses: Appreciating music vs. enjoying life
As a pure audio device, the earphone has a single purpose, that is, it is simply used for sound. The audio is different, especially the wooden audio, exquisite workmanship, gorgeous texture, in addition to being used as a playback device, it is also an indispensable furniture in the home.
Owning a good pair of headphones can enjoy better music, and having a good audio system can enjoy a better life. The fundamental difference between the two is that the sound can achieve atmosphere creation, and a spherical sound field can be created through the cooperation of different speakers, allowing the listener to enter a state of selflessness. In contrast, the headset realizes the enjoyment of sound quality.

3. Operation comparison: simple vs. complex
The headset is a portable device, easy to wear, but also easy to carry, you can take it wherever you go. On the other hand, audio can be considered as a part of the home environment and can only be placed in the home and used in a specific space.
On the other hand, the headset has only one interface and can be used when plugged in, without technical problems. The audio requires a series of relatively cumbersome steps such as wiring, positioning, debugging, and potting.

4. Audience comparison: Dule VS Zhongle
As we all know, no matter how good the headset is, it can only be used by one person. The headset is very suitable for listening to music by one person in the dead of night. And the sound can be regarded as a family atmosphere adjustment equipment, you can sit on the sofa alone to enjoy the audio and video, you can also share the fun of movies and music with family, friends, and lovers.
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