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The earphones are not clearly distinguished. Edit the common earphone types

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Many users want to step into this field of HiFi, but mentioning HiFi always gives people a sense of superiority. But in fact, the threshold of HiFi headset is mainly in a variety of terms and parameters. Before we briefly introduced some knowledge on the parameters to you, today I will tell you about the common types of headsets. Usually when we are in the headset, we always tell the boss to give me a headset, but the specific type is often not clear. For example, many consumers don’t know the difference between headsets and earphones. In fact, these are two completely different types.

Due to the various ways of wearing earphones, it is difficult for beginners to figure out the type of each earphone at a time, which will cause some misunderstandings in the purchase. And judging the type of headset is a lesson for us to buy HiFi headsets. Knowing which type of headset belongs to will make it easier for us to use when reading some evaluation articles or listening.

Can you distinguish each earphone type?

Do you know how many types of headphones are there?

Today, we will introduce you from the most basic headset types that are not clear to you. If you are about to join the HiFi headset family, please don't miss the following article.

Common headset types

In terms of categories, there are no more than three types of earphones that we often mention, one is earphones; the other is earplugs; the other is earphones. These three types are distinguished according to the appearance of the product. (It should be noted that the headset we mentioned at this time is not a general term for the product line, but one of the product types.)

Are these headphones one type?

Judging from the name, earplugs are a type that we understand very well. They are small in size and are a kind of listening product that fits into the ears. Different from earphones and headsets, earplugs are designed to provide listeners with better privacy and will not affect others due to the leakage of large-size earphones. At the same time, the small size is also convenient for users to carry around, or even put them in their pockets.

Looks the same but has a different name

The earphones are not clearly distinguished. Edit the common earphone types

Headphones and headsets are terms that many consumers are prone to confusion. In earphone stores, we often hear that consumers turn headsets into headsets. In fact, earphones and headsets are completely different in the exclusive field. A headset is a headset with a microphone, as the name suggests, while the headset mentioned here is a headset without a microphone. The difference between the two is that a small microphone may have caused misunderstandings for consumers due to the legacy of many years of history.

According to our common headset classification:

Common earplug types: in-ear earplugs; non-in-ear earplugs; ear-hook earplugs

Common types of earphones: portable headphones; headphones; rear-mounted headphones; ear-hook headphones and HiFi headphones

The above two main categories are not completely formulated according to a certain standard, but have been divided into categories that have been sticking to the rules in the field of headphones for many years. And these types of earphones basically cover our common products, and they will not be regarded as noobs.

Earplug subdivision is knowledgeable

After talking about the classification of major items, let me map these seemingly complicated headphone types one-to-one, first of all, the earplugs. Judging from the development of earplugs in recent years, the focus of the product has changed from non-ear earphones to in-ear earphones. On the one hand, the in-ear structure has excellent sound insulation effect, and on the other hand, the personalized shape also brings new feelings to users. Therefore, it is not surprising that in-ear earplugs can be seen everywhere.

The characteristic of in-ear earplugs is that the sound from the unit is transmitted to the eardrum through a tube. The whole process is completely closed, reducing the loss of sound during transmission, and the special-shaped tube rubber sleeve can also fill the ear hole. The effect of sound insulation. As you can see from the picture below, the shape of the in-ear earplugs resembles a "mushroom".

The non-ear type structure is just the opposite of the in-ear type, and it is not designed with an elongated catheter. Instead, the sound unit directly corresponds to the ear hole, which can also be understood as the human ear is directly attached to the speaker of the speaker, but the speaker of the earplug is very small. The advantage of this structure is that the sound is more natural, and it is more comfortable to wear for users with smaller ear holes, but the sound insulation effect is not satisfactory.

The above basically covers our common types of earplugs. Of course, in addition to in-ear and non-in-ear, there are also some earplugs with special wearing methods. Here we call them ear-hook earplugs.

Ear-hook earplugs

This way of wearing earhooks was popular 7 or 8 years ago. At that time, users thought that the earhook structure was not only cool, but also portable, so that there was a wave of "earhooks" in that era.

Compared with earplugs, headphones with a larger volume appear to be diverse in product types. At present, our common headset types are mainly portable headsets, and most of the other product types are in the HiFi field. The shocking effect brought by the large-size unit is a natural advantage, so it is also the main force in the earphone market.

Portable headset

Both belong to the headphone, after adding the word "portable", it has a "flexible body". The greater feature of portable headsets is their excellent portability. These headphones can be folded to reduce the volume to a portable space, which is very suitable for use when traveling. And the sound quality is better than earplugs.

It is impossible for all earphones to be portable, so in addition to the portable style, there are standard headsets. This type is characterized by a larger unit size that can almost wrap the ears, and a thick structural frame, which is exclusive for indoor use. The product. From the perspective of price and positioning, low-impedance (under 64 ohms) earphones below 1500 yuan are ordinary headsets, such as the Sennheiser "5" series. Earphones with a price of more than 2,000 yuan and higher impedance (above 64 ohms) are HiFi grade. Of course, some low-impedance HiFi headphones such as Beyerdynamic DT880 (32 ohms) are also HiFi-class.

It can be said that there is no clear standard for the definition of HiFi level, which requires our certain HiFi experience to judge. For example, although the price of the magic sound series headset is higher, it does not belong to the HiFi category. The definition of whether it is HiFi needs to be adjusted from the sound and unit.

Although traditional headsets are rich in styles, the design of the head beam is a nightmare for people with special hairstyles. Therefore, the emergence of ear-hook and rear-hook type solves the problem of hairstyle. Of course, their advantages and disadvantages are the same as ear-hook earplugs, and the problem of sound leakage is serious, and it has not been solved until today. The rear-hanging type is mostly based on sports earphones. At present, the market share of the two is not high, and the price is relatively cheap.

Written at the end:

There are many different types of earphones, but the popular trend of product types represents the current consumer outlook. Compared with 5 years ago, the earphone industry has undergone tremendous changes. The rise of one type is accompanied by the decline of another. In the dazzling market, consumers should also have a certain knowledge of product types, which will not only make you handy when choosing headphones, but also lay the foundation for the later HiFi road. The above product types are just the beginning. In future articles, we will take you step by step into the hall of HiFi. In fact, HiFi is not complicated.
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