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Instructions for omnidirectional microphone function

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With the advent of conference video, a large number of conference video equipment appears on the market, mainly including conference video cameras and omnidirectional microphones. Video conferencing cameras are essentially the same as traditional cameras. The main thing is that the resolution (that is, the pixels) is higher, while the omnidirectional microphone is different. Compared with the traditional one-way microphone, it has more advantages, such as The omnidirectional microphone can amplify the sound in the conference room and make people hear more clearly. The editor will analyze the operation instructions of the omnidirectional microphone function for everyone.

1. Preparation before installation of omnidirectional microphone.

The omnidirectional microphone has requirements for the computer operating system, which is mainly suitable for Windows and other systems, so we need to ensure that the operating system of the computer connected to it is consistent with it, and the computer connected to the Internet must have the Internet phone function installed.

Instructions for omnidirectional microphone function

2. Install the omnidirectional microphone before use.
First, insert one end of the attached USB data cable into the USB socket of the machine and the other end into the USB socket of the computer. At this time, the computer provides power to the machine, and the USB driver will be automatically installed on the computer.
In summary, there are a lot of precautions when using omnidirectional microphones, and there are many requirements for the use of omnidirectional microphones, so everyone must carefully prepare the corresponding work before using omnidirectional microphones, of course. Be careful when using the microphone. In addition, if you want to play all the functions of a microphone, you must ensure that its quality is reliable, and you need to buy a microphone from a formal professional manufacturer.
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