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What are the advantages of omnidirectional microphones?

2021-03-27 538
Today’s era is a fast-developing era. my country is vigorously promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. At present, various companies have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, and when it comes to companies, they have to mention the omnidirectional microphone, which is a portable conference phone product. High-quality Internet teleconferences can be conducted on the Internet through a computer interface. Due to its shape, the omnidirectional microphone is suitable for use in meeting rooms and offices. So, what are the advantages of omnidirectional microphones? Below, I will give you a detailed answer.

First of all, a good omnidirectional microphone can preset the scene. When you need which scene, he can adjust the volume and tone according to the computer, so that everyone can experience the immersive feeling. , And it is all-round, so it can diverge in all directions, so that people in each direction can have the same feeling.

What are the advantages of omnidirectional microphones?

Secondly, the omnidirectional microphone has a compact and strong structure design to ensure quality. The radius of ordinary microphones is not large enough, and the echo will be sufficient. The omnidirectional microphone has a built-in high-efficiency intelligent DSP chip, so that other external noises can be eliminated, and the echo can be eliminated. , Suppress noise and provide high-quality speakers.

Finally, the omnidirectional microphone can support various conferences, such as computer Internet video conferences, wireless mobile phone conferences, etc., using 360-degree omnidirectional high-sensitivity microphones, no dead spots in 10-60 square meters, suitable for various meeting places, It is precisely because of this advantage that more and more companies use this microphone.

The above are the advantages of omnidirectional microphones. I believe everyone has already understood after reading the above. Today’s businesses need high-quality meetings, and omnidirectional microphones can meet

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