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How to choose a Bluetooth speaker?

2021-03-25 466
How to choose a Bluetooth speaker? Today's Bluetooth speakers are in the ascendant, and there are all kinds of Bluetooth speakers on the market. Many consumers are worried about how to choose a desirable Bluetooth speaker. Then, the editor will reveal it for you. The right way to choose Bluetooth speakers.

1. Bluetooth version
Simply put, a Bluetooth speaker is a Bluetooth chip implanted inside the speaker, which also makes the audience of the Bluetooth speaker wider than traditional audio equipment, whether it is a mobile phone, a notebook or a tablet, it can be very fast Connect the ground to the Bluetooth speaker. At the same time, the version of Bluetooth is also one of the most important factors affecting the quality of Bluetooth speakers. At present, the version of Bluetooth speakers on the market is mainly version 4.0. Generally speaking, the higher the version of Bluetooth, the longer the battery life of the speaker, the longer the effective transmission distance, and the stronger the compatibility of Bluetooth.

2. Power
Under the same conditions, the relatively high-power Bluetooth speakers perform better. Of course, this also depends on the greater power that the speaker can withstand. When the power is greater than its own capability,
There will be a phenomenon of speakers "dancing". In order to avoid and reduce similar situations, manufacturers often stick a layer of silica gel or other things on the base of the speaker, which can not only prevent the speaker from jumping, but also increase its appearance.

Third, the horn

This is a relatively complicated aspect of the speaker. The structure, power and resistance of the speaker will all have a certain impact on the playback effect of the speaker. Of course, the type of speaker, for example, is an internal magnetic speaker. Whether the external magnetic speaker or the paper cone speaker has a more obvious impact on the sound effect.

How to choose a Bluetooth speaker?

Fourth, the auditory effect
It may be a bit abstract to say "auditory effect" directly. Simply put, it depends on the sound quality of the speakers, whether there are noise, broken sound, distortion, etc., and whether the mid-bass and treble can be better expressed, etc. . It is recommended to choose different genuine songs as much as possible during the audition, and do not increase the volume on purpose.

Five, box material
Generally speaking, people with very professional and very high requirements for sound quality will choose wooden cabinets, but now metal. The box made of plastic and other materials can also approach the playing effect of the wooden box. Tree-labs achieves beautiful sound effects through the space design inside and outside the speakers.

Six, craftsmanship
This is mainly reflected in the appearance design of the speaker. Although the public hope to buy a speaker with higher sound effect, the brilliant appearance design also shares the lack of sound effect to a certain extent.
How to choose a Bluetooth speaker? Finally, consumers should pay a little attention to the compatibility of Bluetooth when buying speakers. If you neglect to buy a speaker that is not compatible with common audio players, you will lose out.
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