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Advantages and disadvantages of omnidirectional microphones

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The literal meaning of an omnidirectional microphone is that any aspect of the sound can be received. The sound pickup radius is one meter or two meters, or even 5 meters. Compared with ordinary microphones, the difference is quite large. It can not only pick up the voice of one person, but also seven or eight people.

The wiring of the omnidirectional microphone is simple. Since it can pick up the voices of many people, it can also pick up the sound at a distance of several meters. For some small meetings, remote meetings, there is no need to arrange the microphones one by one, and there is no longer under the conference table. Various thread windings. Moreover, its installation is very simple. It only needs one cable with USB ports at both ends, one end to the computer, and one end to the microphone. The driver will be installed automatically. By the way, the computer can also provide power to the microphone through this cable. In addition, there is also the function of wifi access, but it needs to be charged separately.

Advantages and disadvantages of omnidirectional microphones

The omnidirectional microphone is enabled by default to pick up sounds in three directions, which is why it picks up far and there are many people picking up. If the number of people is small, you can switch to a certain direction for the sound quality effect. But it is precisely because the sound is picked up in three directions at the same time, it will also pick up a lot of surrounding noise, resulting in a slightly unsatisfactory sound quality, unless the noise reduction is very good in the meeting environment. Therefore, the ability of echo cancellation reflects the quality of the microphone.

Generally speaking, omnidirectional microphones are used for meetings. For a meeting room with less than 10 people or 20 square meters, use a microphone with a sound pickup distance of about 3 meters. If it is a 20-60 square meter meeting room, use a microphone with a sound pickup of about 3 meters. The effect It will definitely not be ideal. This is not the fault of the microphone, so you need to choose the right microphone for different occasions.

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