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Have you figured out the five major factors affecting the ranking of AliExpress products?

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In order to provide a better buying experience, the platform often optimizes or adjusts, such as search engines. Its biggest role is that users spend less time and use the shortest path to find the most desired product. Once the search factor changes in proportion or weight, the product ranking will change. There are many factors that affect the ranking of AliExpress products. Here are the factors most relevant to operations:

Like eBay, AliExpress uses search ranking rules. The main factors affecting the search ranking of AliExpress are the relevance of the search term and the product and the quality of the product itself.

1. The relevance of the search term and the description of the product itself
When a search engine determines what products buyers want to see or need, they will analyze the search terms, compare the browsing or clicking behavior of most people under the search terms, and then display the corresponding products. When a seller enters a search keyword on AliExpress, the search engine will find related products based on the user's search terms in a large number of products. At this time, it depends on the degree of relevance between the product itself and the user’s search input term, and consider the degree of relevance Mainly look at the following two main dimensions:

(1) The title description of the product, as the main information item of the product description, is the key factor in search matching.

(2) The attributes of commodities are used as key information to describe commodities, and also as the main factors of search ranking.

This requires sellers to improve the product attribute information as much as possible to ensure that the attributes of each product are comprehensive and accurate, which is very helpful for obtaining high-quality rankings.

Have you figured out the five major factors affecting the ranking of AliExpress products?

2. Relevance of search terms and product categories
In addition, the product category and the relevance of the search keywords will also have a certain score. Simply put, for the same search keyword, the number of products that are clicked after the search belongs to which category determines the relevance of this category and the search keyword. For sellers, when uploading products, choosing the category of the product has become the main factor affecting product search ranking. Therefore, to improve the product ranking, the categories should not be misplaced. If you don't know what category to put, you can click the product release entry in the background and search with keywords. The platform will provide you with several categories related to keywords.

3. The quality of the product itself
The quality of the product itself mainly includes four factors: product price, product sales, product image quality, and product sales conversion rate.

(1) The quality of product pictures, as long as the seller can upload 6-8 pictures of the main and auxiliary pictures when uploading the product pictures, and the pictures are clear, including the main picture, detail picture, packaging picture, material picture, etc. of the product, enough to make Buyers understand the main characteristics of the product through pictures, and they can get a relatively high score on the picture score of product quality.

(2) Regarding the price of the product, sellers are encouraged to upload the price of the product in line with the mainstream selling price of the product on the platform. The closer to the mainstream price on the platform, the more points will be scored on the price.

(3) The sales of products are historical sales data.

(4) Product sales conversion rate: If other conditions are the same, the higher the sales of the product in the near future, the higher the search ranking of the product. If the exposure continues for a period of time, but the order is poor, the score will drop.

4. Seller service level
The service level of the seller itself is also the main factor that affects the transaction of the goods. The service level reflected by the seller in the past transactions is used as the seller's service level score for bonus points in the search ranking. The specific service score is composed of the following items. User evaluation of orders (Feedback), transaction dispute rate, refund rate, repeat purchase rate, online duration, and response efficiency of online messages, etc. The quality of goods and services is a very important indicator for the platform to evaluate the product quality and services of sellers. To improve this indicator, sellers need to work harder on order execution. In addition to these, customer reception, dispute handling, monitoring and evaluation, and handling bad reviews must all be done well.

5. User preferences
User preference, as a factor affecting search ranking, is often overlooked by sellers. Although sellers cannot make buyers buy as they want, they can guide them. According to the products purchased by customers in the past and consumption ability, sellers can use the back-end membership management system to classify users, accurately know the groups of purchase preferences under each category, and conduct targeted marketing for these groups in combination with different products in the store. , The conversion effect is much better than one-size-fits-all activities.
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