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Amazon settlement time and settlement method

2021-03-25 462
The payment method for all Amazon sites is the same.

Generally speaking, Amazon will deposit the seller’s sales revenue into the seller’s bank account 14 days after you register on the seller’s platform. Subsequently, the billing process repeats every 14 days, please note the following points:

1. The account balance is at least 25 yuan. Commission fees and customer refunds (if any) will affect the seller's balance.

2. In the seller's platform, enter the valid information of your bank account in China. For more information, please refer to bank account information. After the settlement is completed, Amazon will post the settlement report in the "reports" section of the seller's platform, and deposit the sales revenue into the seller's bank account through bank transfer.

Amazon settlement time and settlement method

From the time of bank transfer, it usually takes 6-10 working days before the funds can reach the seller's bank account. Please note: Public holidays will affect the remittance of funds, and the arrival time will be delayed by 6-10 working days.

In addition, it also depends on the payment method used. If you choose to pay online, the return will usually be received within 7 working days after the refund. If it is cash on delivery, the return will be returned to the gift card. Regardless of the shipping method, Amazon will notify you by email.

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