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Amazon VAT Integration Service FAQ

2021-03-24 569
1) What is Amazon VAT integration service?
Amazon VAT Integration Services is a tax compliance solution introduced by Amazon to help non-EU sellers obtain VAT numbers. You can enjoy free service for the first year of registration and declaration in up to seven European countries (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic).

2) Why should I use Amazon VAT integration service?
Amazon's VAT consolidation service has three advantages:
Low cost: Sellers can enjoy free registration and filing in the first year, as well as a second year filing fee of only EUR 400/year/country. (Please note that notarization fees, Hague certification, translation fees, mailing fees, EORI application fees, traceable VAT filing fees, Polish oath fees, and other un mentioned fees are not included.) If the policy changes, we will keep you informed)
Seller Support: Sellers can communicate tax issues with your tax agent at any time when registering their tax number for the selected country in the early stages
Automatic VAT reporting: Tax reporting can be made directly on the seller's platform at a later stage, and all transaction reports are automatically generated

3) What are the free promotions for the first year? How will I be charged from the end of the first year of free service?
Free promotions for the first year include VAT registration and reporting fees for the selected country. Excludes notarization fees, Hague certification, translation fees, mailing fees, EORI application fees, retroactive VAT filing fees, Polish oath fees, and other un mentioned fees. The second year's filing fee is EUR 400/year/country.

4) How is the free time period for Amazon VAT integration services calculated?
Amazon offers you a free first-year tax number application and VAT filing. This offer will take effect after you sign all relevant terms and conditions on the Seller's Platform.

5) What are the tax agents for Amazon VAT integration services? How do I choose?
TBAccountants (Tenbon) and TAXUALLY. When you submit your application in the seller's background, a tax agent is automatically selected for you.

6) I already have the required VAT number, can I only use Amazon VAT integration service to make a declaration?

7) What is the service fee payment process for Amazon VAT integration services? Do I need to pay my tax agent before I ask Amazon for reimbursement?
You do not need to pay the tax agent in advance for the services. Amazon will pay you directly for your first year of tax application and filing. You will be charged for the service in the second year.

8) My company is established in a non-EU region, which countries can I register with Amazon VAT Integration Service? Are there any countries that require me to register at least/maximumly? Do I need to choose all seven countries?
You can use Amazon VAT integration services to help you compliant with VAT in at least one, up to seven countries, including: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic.

9) I am interested in Amazon VAT integration service promotion, how to join?
You can access the Seller Platform - Data Reporting - to manage your VAT viewing service details. Click "Start Now" and you'll be available on the Country Selection page, where you can choose your country based on your individual needs. Next you will need to fill out the contact details in the questionnaire and the tax agent will contact you within 3 business days.

10) When will my tax agent contact me when I submit my materials?
Your tax agent will contact you within three business days of your submission.

11) How can I contact my tax agent?
You can log in to the Seller Platform - Data Report - Manage My VAT and you can find your tax agent information above the control panel.

12) What criteria is the platform to assign tax agents to me?
Depending on your company registration address, a tax agent will be assigned to you. If your company registration address is located in a non-EU country, for some countries you will need a local tax representative service. Depending on your situation, you will be randomly assigned a tax agent who can provide financial and tax representative services.

13) I already have the tax agent I want to choose (for example, I've been working with TBAccountants or Taxually), can I appoint a tax agent when I join Amazon's VAT consolidation service?
Sorry, we do not support the designation of a tax agent by the seller at this time. When you join amazon VAT consolidation services, a tax agent will be automatically assigned to you.

14) Can I change my tax agent after I join Amazon VAT consolidation and services?
No. Your tax agent will be the same as you selected during registration (for registration or transfer). This is to ensure that the selected tax agent is able to provide you with complete VAT registration and VAT reporting services in all countries of your choice.

15) I am not satisfied with the services provided by my tax agent, can I change my tax agent?
We are sorry that the tax agent has given you a bad experience and we hope to find out about your issue and resolve it for you as soon as possible. Replacement agents are not currently supported. If you change your tax agent, Amazon will not be able to pay for your subsequent VAT registration and reporting services.

16) Why can't I click on company information, documents or signed forms?
During promotions supported by our partners, you have registered VAT directly with a tax agent. As a result, your documentation and information cannot be provided on the Seller platform. For business information and documents, please contact your tax agent.

17) I can't speak English, can tax agents Chinese services?
Both tax agents of Amazon's VAT integration service can provide Chinese services.

18) How can I get help if I have a problem throughout the process?
If you have any questions about your application for a VAT tax number, you can contact your tax agent at any time.
If you move online to make a claim, you can contact our Seller Support Team: Seller Platform - > Help - > Need More Help (Support) - > I Want to Open a Store - > VAT and Taxes - > VatServices on Amazon

19) When will I go online to make a declaration? How do I do this?
After you have obtained the tax number for all selected countries, you will be transferred online for VAT reporting. At that time, you will be welcome to use this service to start VAT reporting via email/issue log notification, please pay close attention.

20) If I don't want to move online to file, can I still file with my tax agent?
I'm sorry, no. Transfer to online reporting is a prerequisite for you to continue to enjoy the first year of Amazon's VAT integration service free of charge. In this case, you must transfer to the line for VAT reporting.

21) Can I submit a retroactive historical VAT declaration when I use amazon VAT consolidation services? Can my tax agent help me with my retrospective history VAT return?
For traceable historical filings, your tax agent will help you prepare and operate if such filings occur between the time you sign up for Amazon VAT consolidation services and the time you begin filing. Amazon will pay you for filing within one year of signing up. For traceable historical VAT declarations that occur before signing up, you will need to pay your own service charge to the tax agent to complete this process.

22) Does Amazon's VAT integration service support the UK's low-tax scheme? (Flat rateScheme)
Unfortunately, Amazon's VAT consolidation service does not currently support low-tax schemes in the UK. (Flat rateScheme)

23) Will my tax agent help me register for EORI?
Yes, your tax agent can register your EORI number. Please note that you will be required to pay your own tax agent for the fees incurred in this section. This part of the fee is not currently included in Amazon's VAT integration policy.

24) I added or deleted a country (for VAT registration and/or transfer) and why is it not reflected on the control panel?
Note that the control panel was generated when you selected the country of order during billing. If you have agreed on a new country directly with your tax agent after signing up, it will not be updated. However, we will work with your tax agent so that you can transition to an online VAT return by latest country list with your tax agent.
Once your VAT certificate has been issued, we will notify you by e-mail and you are ready to begin online reporting for each selected country.

25) Have I previously used VAT Services on Amazon to get VAT numbers in the UK and Germany, and can I register and declare VAT in France, Italy and Spain using amazon VAT integration services? If not, can I opt out of VAT services on Amazon for Amazon VAT consolidation?
Sorry to inform you that if you have already used VATServices on Amazon, you will not be able to register your VAT number for other countries using Amazon VAT Integration Services (even if you opt out of VAT Services onAmazon)
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