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What is an open earphone

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Open earphones are a more popular type of earphones. The feature of this type of model is the use of sponge-like microcellular foamed plastic to make sound-transmitting ear pads. It is small in size and comfortable to wear, and no thick sound-dyeing pads are used.

Therefore, there is no sense of isolation from the outside world, and the sound can be leaked, and vice versa, the outside sound can also be heard. If the earphone is opened to a high degree, you can hear the sound from the other side unit, forming a certain mutual feed, making the listening feel natural.

But its low frequency loss is large, and some people say that its low frequency is accurate. Open earphones generally have a natural sense of hearing and are comfortable to wear. They are commonly used in HIFI earphones that are appreciated at home.

What is an open earphone

open back design, translated as an open design, this type of earphone is characterized by a hollow vented design on the outer wall of the sound unit, which does not isolate the sound in the earmuffs. Because there is no isolation, the sound will diffuse to the outside world. There are two left and right units. The voices can also influence each other, forming a certain mutual feed, making the sense of hearing more natural.

The characteristics of open earphones are obvious. When the wearer is listening to music, the person next to him can also clearly hear the sound of the earphone. It can be called a small headphone, and because there is basically no airtightness, the outside sound can also be easily It is transmitted to the ears of the headset wearer and is easily interfered by the external environment.

What are the advantages of such troublesome headphones? In fact, many high-end models are open style...Because there is no closed earphone shell cavity, the sound will not be blocked and rebounded by the outer wall, and it can spread and spread naturally. The sound of the left and right units form a certain mutual feed, so open earphones The sound is loose and natural, with a higher degree of reduction. And because the sound communicates with the outside world, the open headwear inherently has excellent sound field performance. The spacious sound field can open up the auditory space, allowing the listener to easily distinguish the sound position of each instrument when enjoying music, giving the listener a more relaxed atmosphere. The auditory experience is very suitable for appreciation of symphony and other large-scale repertoires.

The open style also has shortcomings. Due to the wide sound field and loose sound, the general sound density of open style headphones is relatively low, and the low frequency and texture are relatively lacking, but whether this is good or bad varies from person to person. There is no perfect thing in the world. Most open earphones have certain trade-offs between the sound field and the human voice. For example, although the HD800 has reached the hall-level sound field experience, due to the excessively large sound field performance, the position of the human voice is stretched out. When listening to pop music, the vocals are covered by the accompaniment, which is not particularly comfortable.
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