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What is a stereo headset

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Stereo headset is an important component of audio equipment. It has a wide frequency response, low distortion, power saving, strong audio resolution, good surround sound resolution, and a strong sense of rhythm in music. Therefore, it is used in various audio and electronic communications. Widely used in other equipment.

Introduction to Stereo Headphones
Ordinary earphones
Stereo headphones are divided into two types: earplug and head-mounted. They have the difference between the left and right channels and cannot be used interchangeably, otherwise it will directly affect the fidelity of the sound source and the resolution of the frequency of the sound source.

Bluetooth stereo makes wireless music dream a reality

The term Bluetooth originated from Harald Bluetooth, the Viking King of Northern Europe who unified Denmark and Norway in the 10th century. It is a short-distance wireless transmission interface developed by Ericsson. In 1998, it joined forces with IBM, Intel, Five manufacturers, Nokia and Toshiba, established the Bluetooth SIG (Bluetooth Special Interest Group). The three main characteristics of Bluetooth technology are: non-directional, voice and data transmission, and the ability to connect multiple devices at the same time.

The Bluetooth SIG (BLUETOOTH SIG) released a protocol specification supporting Bluetooth stereo in 2003. In the same year, the first Bluetooth MP3 came out. The following year, the first Bluetooth stereo headset came out, which also marked the dream of Bluetooth wireless listening to music. Become a reality!

The core profile of Bluetooth stereo is A2DP. In addition, AVRCP is also a very important profile. To understand Bluetooth stereo, you must first understand these two profiles. In layman's terms, with A2DP, you can use Bluetooth to transmit two-channel stereo music data, and with AVRCP, you can use Bluetooth to wirelessly control music players.

Bluetooth stereo headset + mobile phone

Bluetooth stereo headset + mobile phone with Bluetooth function, in addition to the general voice call function, the biggest feature is that you can directly listen to the music played in the mobile phone through the Bluetooth stereo headset. And the mobile phones with built-in A2DP mode on the market (basically all smart phones already have it, and most of them are in general mobile phones), with Bluetooth stereo headsets, you can directly listen to high-quality music in the mobile phone!

What is a stereo headset

The sound quality of Bluetooth stereo has a lot to do with the Bluetooth chip used in the headset. It is recommended to use Bluetooth stereo headsets with BCM and CSR chips. Please note here that there is no need to enter a password when the devices are paired with the Bluetooth 2.1 version, and it saves power, saves the cumbersome password input, is more convenient to operate, and takes longer to use.

Bluetooth stereo headset + personal computer

With the popularity of Bluetooth devices, more and more people and laptops have built-in Bluetooth devices. The bluetooth application on the computer side can be said to be the most diverse, whether it is the connection of printers, mouse and keyboard, or even the synchronization of PDA and mobile phones, they can all be carried out through bluetooth devices. At present, the most popular application on personal computers is to use Bluetooth stereo headsets to talk Skype, QQ voice and video; as long as the Bluetooth receiver is installed on the laptop or computer with Bluetooth (basically free of drivers), Bluetooth pairing can be performed Use, solve the trouble of the complicated wiring of the wired device. If you want to get a glass of water, go to the toilet, and grab something, you won't be constrained by the line.
In addition to using the Bluetooth stereo headset for voice chat, you can also use the headset to listen to music in the computer. As long as the Bluetooth receiver in the computer supports A2DP mode, it is recommended to choose the Bluetooth version 2.1 (the mainstream products are Bluetooth V2 .1, older products will only use the lower version) can support the stereo sound output provided by the Bluetooth headset, so that users can experience the "sound" immersive feeling, without worrying that the speaker will interfere with other people.

Bluetooth stereo headset + music player

If your mobile phone does not support Bluetooth A2DP, but you want to use Bluetooth headsets to listen to music, some manufacturers have introduced HiFi Bluetooth transmission devices that are suitable for 3.5 mm headset plugs. As long as there is a 3.5 mm headphone connector for music playback devices, such as iPod, MP3 Player, home audio or radio, it can be directly converted to a Bluetooth wireless transmission device, and there is no need to go through complicated settings to use, as long as the transmitter and Bluetooth are turned on After the power of the stereo headset, it will pair itself, allowing you to directly experience the magic of wireless applications.
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