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What is the weight of AliExpress? How does AliExpress improve its favorable ranking?

2021-01-29 1140
AliExpress sellers often talk about product weight when communicating with each other. So, what is weight? What factors have an impact on it, how does it relate to product rankings, and how to improve favorable rankings? This article is specially written by China Mobile Electronic Business School to help seller partners:

We can simply understand the weight as the comprehensive score of a product. It is like an exam. If the Chinese and mathematics scores are excellent, you have to make achievements in the comprehensive score. If the partial subject is serious or the score in other subjects is low, the comprehensive score is not high. It affects the college entrance examination results. The comprehensive score of a product measures the strength of the platform's support for this product, which is specifically reflected in traffic support, activity support, policy support, and secondary support.

In that case, what factors will affect product weight?

What is the weight of AliExpress? How does AliExpress improve its favorable ranking?

Yibu E-commerce School believes that store factors and product factors together affect the weight of products.

Store factors, including but not limited to service points, violations (severe violations), store DSR three points, sales volume, number of concerns and other data. Product factors, including but not limited to title matching, attribute integrity, number of visitors and pageviews, stay time, conversion rate, number of additional purchases and favorites, number of favorable comments and content feedback, etc. The former is equivalent to the original halo of the product since it was put on the shelves, and the latter is the data performance of the product in the competition with many similar products.

With good data in all aspects of the store, in-store products can get extra points on the weighted score, and vice versa, they will be dragged down. Such as a store just because

Stores closed for seven days in violation of regulations, the products are removed from the shelves, the stores after the penalty ends, the products in the store, or the new products that are about to be launched, will be affected, such as traffic drop, new products delayed after being released, and in-store conversions become unstable or decline , These are bad performances. Therefore, under the circumstance of complying with the rules of the platform, the rational use of operating strategies for product transformation services is a knowledge point we must always learn.

How to increase product weight?

Mobile Electronic Business School believes that sellers need to perform relevant operations under keyword search, category search, and search ordering rules.

In terms of keyword search, sellers want to cater to more search traffic. Sellers must fill in the correctness and completeness of the title and attributes, and whether the product category is misplaced. Especially for the title, the seller should pay attention to the low-competitive words available in the early stage of the new product, do not put other small language words in the English title, pay attention to whether the keywords are applicable to the product, combine the product characteristics, and do not imagine it;

In terms of category search, in addition to the attributes and category fill-in preparations, it can be combined with the attribute content filled in the industry’s hot products for reference. The higher the completeness, the more exposure opportunities that category search can obtain;

In terms of search sorting rules, relevance, product conversion performance (product sales, conversion rate, traffic, order volume), seller service performance (seller service score, service sub-item factor), product information quality, group differentiation, etc., are also You should do more tracking and research to see how to improve.

Weight is invisible and intangible, but it does have a lot to do with product ranking. Read this article carefully, I believe you will have a deeper understanding of it.
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