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What are the problems and solutions for the conference microphone?

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The conference microphone is a very important device in the conference system. It can be said that its normal operation is directly related to whether the entire meeting can be carried out in an orderly manner. Therefore, the conference microphone must be checked before the meeting, and there is a disconnection. It is necessary to do a good job of reporting for repairs, troubleshooting, and ensuring the normal progress of the meeting. The following briefly introduces several situations where the meeting microphone fails, and what are the solutions.

First of all, the failure of the conference microphone is usually caused by improper operation of the operator. The host system of the conference can set the number of conference microphones. Generally, you can set more than one microphone, but three microphones are the most suitable configuration. Three microphones are turned on at the same time. If the fourth microphone is turned on, it was turned on before The first open microphone of the three microphones will be forcibly closed. The main reason for the forced closing is to ensure that the entire conference system has three microphones that can be used at the same time. In other words, the number of open microphones is more than three. , The microphone that was turned on first will be forcibly turned off. Therefore, the microphone is not working well, it is likely to be man-made, and the number of microphones is turned on too much, resulting in the microphone that needs to be used, and it cannot be used normally.

What are the problems and solutions for the conference microphone?

Secondly, if the conference microphone is malfunctioning, there is another possibility that the line is malfunctioning. The conference system will adopt a series connection method, and there will be a large number of line connectors. If the wiring lines are welded by hand welding, once a failure occurs, this welding and wiring method will cause it, and it is difficult to find the point of failure. If the contact is poor, the resulting fault is relatively easy to troubleshoot, but the fault is caused by the aging of the line, it will be more troublesome to deal with.

In addition, if the conference microphone is faulty, you can use the troubleshooting plan for maintenance, connect the system multiple times, and adjust the turn-on sequence of each microphone according to the sequence. Although the entire process will be more complicated and take a long time, the cause of the failure can be found. . If there is no problem with the microphone, it is an aging problem. It is best to replace the conference system with a new line to ensure the normal use of the entire conference system and to ensure the normal and orderly progress of the conference.

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