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Why use omnidirectional microphones for video conferencing?

2021-03-22 513
In recent years, more and more companies have used video conferencing as a means of communication. Video conferencing allows different groups in different regions to achieve face-to-face communication. Of course, microphones must be used when conducting video conferencing. The editor will give you a detailed introduction to why omnidirectional microphones should be used in video conferences.

First, the omnidirectionality of the omnidirectional microphone is more advantageous than the traditional microphone. Its sound collection scale is much larger. Therefore, if you use an omnidirectional microphone, you don’t need to use too many microphones when conducting video conferences, thus reducing The investment cost of video conferencing, of course, also makes the wiring of the video conferencing system easier.

Second, some people think that the pickup can also collect a large area of sound. It is also possible to use it as a sound collection device for video conferences, but friends who know the pickup should know that it has a very big disadvantage, that is when it is used. Need to expand the circuit, which will cause the echo and howling phenomenon to be very serious. If you use an omnidirectional microphone, you don’t need to worry about frequent echo or howling when you open a video conference, because the biggest feature of an omnidirectional microphone is that it can resist echo and there will be no howling, which can make enterprises feel at ease. .

Why use omnidirectional microphones for video conferencing?

Third, omnidirectional microphones are very good for audio input and output. Some omnidirectional microphones also have built-in speakers. When conducting video conferences, you can use the microphone for intercom. In addition, the functions of omnidirectional microphones are constantly being improved. The previous omnidirectional microphones are all USB interfaces, which must be used for intercom on laptops. The current omnidirectional microphones have more interface functions, and other devices can also be used. , Provides more convenience to the enterprise video conference.

Video conferences do not use microphones or ordinary microphones. It is not without reason to choose omnidirectional microphones. It can be said that omnidirectional microphones are essential equipment for video conferences. With it, employees participating in a video conference can easily talk to each other, and there will be no echo or harsh howling.
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