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Keyword bidding skills of AliExpress through train

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Bid refers to the highest deduction price per click you set for keywords. The bidding of a keyword is affected by the sellers participating in the competition. When there are a large number of sellers participating in the competition, the bid you need to get an exposure on the keyword will become higher; otherwise, you can get the keyword at a lower price. Bid for exposure.

This bid will directly affect your keyword ranking, but not necessarily the same as your actual cost per click. The bid of the promotion keyword only determines the ranking, and the actual deduction amount is related to your promotion score, the bid of the seller next to you, and the promotion score.

In most cases, your actual click cost will be lower than this bid. Every time a fee deduction occurs, the system will automatically calculate the minimum price required to maintain the keyword ranking based on the real-time monitoring of the competition you are facing, so as to ensure that the actual deduction amount per click is less than or equal to your bid. Since product ranking is related to two factors, promotion score and bid, therefore, the higher the product promotion score, the lower the actual click deduction will be.

Keyword bidding techniques for AliExpress through trains:

1. Through train bidding principle: spend the least money to get the most clicks!

2. Bid by keyword performance:

● Words with conversion: These words are the keywords that sellers focus on optimizing, and they are the main force to increase ROI in the later stage. This part of the words should maintain a relatively high position, and now increase bids relatively late to increase rankings to gain more traffic If you are already on the homepage, adjust to a position with a better click-through rate on the homepage to maintain a stable ability to obtain traffic.

Keyword bidding skills of AliExpress through train

● Words with high clicks and no conversion: This type of words is costly, and if there is no conversion for a long time, delete it. If there is no conversion in the short term, you can lower the bid first to reduce the cost of observing the effect. If there is no conversion in the later throw, but there is a collection, and the unit price of the click is within the acceptable range at this time, continue to keep the position and observe for a few days. If there is a conversion, increase the bid, but if there is no conversion, decrease the bid.

● Words that are not clicked: If there is no click, it depends on the keywords. If the relevance is poor, it is recommended to delete them. The keywords with better relevance have not much display. You can increase the bid to get enough display, and then observe the click . But if there is a lot of impressions and there are still no clicks, in order to avoid lowering the overall plan click-through rate, such words will be deleted.

3. For big words (above 1 yuan), all are listed at the lowest market price (less than 0.5 yuan). As long as long-tail words and precise words less than 1 yuan, all are transferred to the first page.

4. Generally, only good words can be bid, but you must remember that good words (shown at the bottom) will be deducted if the buyer clicks in. All high-priced good words are adjusted to the lowest level or deleted directly.

5. Pay attention to the bid position, adjust the price in time, increase the price in the evening, reduce the price in the morning, and optimize keywords.

common problem:

1. Why can't I bid on keywords? There may be three situations:

● There is no matching product for this keyword, you need to add suitable products in the promotion

● Products that match the keyword are invalid or penalized

● The promotion of your product is restricted due to poor comprehensive quality, that is, the promotion score of the product is too low. How to bid on the keywords of AliExpress through train? Through train keyword bidding techniques

2. Is it possible to increase the price to appear in the promotion area on the right side of the search result homepage?

Simply raising your bid does not necessarily guarantee that your product will appear in the promotion area on the right side of the search results homepage. The main influencing factors that appear in the promotion area on the right side of the search results homepage include promotion scores and your bids. In order to ensure your promotion effect and buyer search experience, Express will give priority to the promotion of products with high promotion scores and competitive bids in the promotion area on the right side of the search results homepage.

If the promotion score of your promoted product is low, no matter how high the price is, it will not appear in the promotion area on the right side of the search results homepage.

3. Are AliExpress through trains bid in US dollars or RMB? The through trains are offered in Renminbi.

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