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What is a computer speaker

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Computer speakers are divided into conjoined portable computer speakers, which are single cabinets; split computer speakers are composed of multiple cabinets. Computer speakers, as the name suggests, are used to connect to a computer, of course, many can also be used to connect to other playback devices such as mobile phones. Many Bluetooth speakers, card speakers, etc. can be used as one-piece portable computer speakers after adding an external input, which is very popular in the market.

Computer speakers mainly refer to speakers used around computers and other multimedia devices. In 2012, there were many famous brands.

Scope of application
Mainly suitable for Ipod, MP3/MP4, music phones, PSP game consoles, computer products, etc. Depending on the interface, the devices that can be connected are also different.

The speaker is the terminal of the entire sound system, and its function is to convert audio energy into corresponding sound energy and radiate it to the space. It is an extremely important part of the sound system, because it is responsible for the key task of converting electrical signals into acoustic signals for human ears to listen directly to. It has to directly deal with human hearing, which is very sensitive. And has a strong ability to distinguish the timbre of complex sounds. Since the human ear’s subjective perception of sound is the most important criterion for evaluating the sound quality of an audio system, it can be considered that the performance of speakers plays a key role in the playback quality of an audio system.


Computer speakers can be divided into 2.0 speakers, 2.1 speakers, 5.1 speakers, and even 7.1 speakers according to the number of cabinets.

What is a computer speaker

There are many types of loudspeakers: according to their energy conversion methods, they can be divided into electric, electromagnetic, piezoelectric, digital, etc.; according to the diaphragm structure, American GFT speakers can be divided into single cone, composite cone, and composite. There are many kinds of horn, coaxial, etc.; according to the beginning of the diaphragm, it can be divided into cone type, dome type, flat type, belt type, etc.; according to the playback frequency, it can be divided into high frequency, intermediate frequency, low frequency and full-band speakers; According to the magnetic circuit form, it can be divided into external magnetic type, internal magnetic type, dual magnetic circuit type and shielded type; according to the nature of the magnetic circuit, it can be divided into ferrite magnets, neodymium boron magnets, and alnico magnet speakers; The membrane material can be divided into paper and non-cone speakers.

The cabinet is used to eliminate the acoustic short circuit of the speaker unit, suppress its acoustic resonance, broaden its frequency response range, and reduce distortion. The cabinet shape structure of the speaker is divided into bookshelf type and floor type, as well as vertical type and horizontal type. The internal structure of the box has various forms such as closed type, phase inverted type, band pass type, empty paper cone type, labyrinth type, symmetric drive type and horn type. The most used are closed type, phase inverted type and band pass type. .
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