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How to wear wireless headphones

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Compared with traditional earphones, wireless earphones have several advantages. Since earbuds are connected via Bluetooth, they do not have long and cumbersome headphone cables, which are often entangled in your pocket. Wireless headsets can also connect to a variety of Bluetooth devices, including smart phones and tablets. Try several different types of wireless headphones until you find the one that suits your ears best.

Wear the headset firmly
1. Try different types and brands of headphones to find the one that suits you. Everyone's ear canal has different shapes and sizes, so there is no earphone for everyone. Through the introduction of friends and family, try different brands and types of earphones to see which suits your ears best. Ask a salesperson in an electronics store if you can try on headphones and see which is the most comfortable to wear.

Generally speaking, the ear canal of men is larger than that of women, so larger headphones are needed.
2. Put the earphones into the ear canal. In order for the earphone to transmit sound effectively, you need to put it in the ear canal and be closer to the eardrum. Rotating the headset back and forth 2-3 times helps to wear the headset firmly.

Inserting the head of the wireless headset into the ear canal can also prevent surrounding sounds from entering your ears.
3. Pull the earlobe to seal the earphone. When you wear headphones on both ears, use the other hand to gently pull the earlobe. This will enlarge the ear canal slightly. When you pull the earlobe, the index finger of the same hand gently presses the earphone to a more suitable position.

For example, to fix the earphone on the right ear, you can gently pull the earlobe with your left hand. At the same time, use your right index finger to insert the earphone into the ear canal.
4. If the earphones are not suitable, clean the earwax. The accumulation of earwax changes the size and shape of the ear canal. This may cause the headset to not fit properly or the headset slips out of the ear during use. If you find that the headset is not fixed in your ears as before, take out two cotton swabs to clean your ears.

When you take the earphones out of your ears, if you find yellow earwax on the earphones, clean your ears too. Be careful not to push the earwax in. Press and rub lightly so that you can clean the ear walls without pushing the earwax in.

5. Try not to move the jaw while using the headset. Depending on the shape of the jaw and its distance from the ear canal, closing the jaw may loosen the headset. When you are on the phone, your jaw must move, but if you don’t need to make a phone call, try not to move your jaw significantly.

How to wear wireless headphones

For example, if you chew gum or eat snacks while listening to music, the movement of your jaw may loosen the earphones, causing the earplugs to slip out of your ears.
Use wireless headphones
1. Pair the headset with a mobile phone or other device. Tap the Bluetooth button on your phone, tablet, or computer to turn it on. Then, click the "Find" button on the side of the headset. When the headset appears on the phone’s Bluetooth menu, tap it to connect to the device. It should be noted that if you are trying to pair the headset with a device that has never been paired before, it may take some time.

Check the user manual of your phone for specific instructions on pairing wireless devices.
2. Use the built-in remote control to control the headset. Many wireless headsets are equipped with a small remote control, generally about 2 by 3 inches (5.1 cm × 7.6 cm). Use the interface of this remote control to skip songs, adjust the volume of the music you are listening to, or mute incoming calls.

When you go out, such as when you are jogging with headphones, you must carry the remote control with you, otherwise it will be difficult for you to control the music.
If you happen to forget to bring the remote control, you can use your mobile phone or other devices to control the music you are listening to.
3. If there is no remote control, you can tap the button on the side of the headset. Many brands of headsets do not have a remote control, but have small buttons on the side. Use these buttons to pause, play or skip the song you are listening to, or answer, mute or hang up the call. Look at the buttons before putting the headphones in your ears, so you don’t accidentally press the wrong buttons.

If you find that the button is too small for your finger to press it accurately, you can use the phone interface to adjust the music or hang up the call.
4. If you find earwax on the earphones, clean the earphones. If earwax covers part of the surface of the earphone, wipe it gently with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to remove it. Wipe the surface of the earphones to remove all earwax.

Do not wash the wireless headphones with soap, and do not rinse them under the tap.
5. Remember to charge the wireless headset when you don't use it. Although each headset has a different charging design, most headsets have a small charging port. Plug the power plug into the wall socket in the bedroom or living room. When you are not using headphones, connect them to the charging port.

If you forget to charge the headset, you cannot use the headset when you need it. If you want to use a headset to participate in an important business conference call, it may be a serious problem that the headset is turned off.

With the advancement of batteries and wireless technology, wireless headsets will be able to be used for longer periods of time without charging. Some batteries can be used for more than 30-35 hours.
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