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What are the classification and usage skills of conference microphones?

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With the continuous upgrading of the company's office supplies, conference microphones have become very important office equipment. There are many types of conference microphones, such as lavalier microphones, handheld microphones, and gooseneck microphones. Different types of microphones have certain differences in use, and their use methods and techniques will also be different. Here is a brief introduction. What are the classification and usage skills of conference microphones?

Lavalier microphones are commonly used in conference microphones. When using them, keep the microphone as close to the mouth as possible, preferably under the neckline of the speaker's clothes. Avoid direct contact between the microphone and clothes, because the lavalier conference microphone, if it rubs against the clothes, will have a lot of noise, which will affect the speech effect. When using it, you should aim at the microphone to speak, and try not to turn your head. If you need to move your body, you need to turn your body. Do not blow directly into the microphone. A little noise will be transmitted to the speakers and affect the effect of the conference speech.

What are the classification and usage skills of conference microphones?

When using a handheld microphone, you need to place the microphone about ten centimeters away from your mouth to prevent the microphone from being too close to your mouth and causing breathing noise. Moreover, the handheld conference microphone is too close to a person's mouth organ, and it is very likely that there will be popping when speaking. It is not only necessary to keep a certain distance, but also to bring a blowout cover to the microphone, which can reduce the impact of people's breathing on the microphone and reduce the occurrence of noise.

Gooseneck microphones are generally fixed on the desk surface and cannot be moved around. When a conference speaker uses a gooseneck conference microphone, he should sit in front of the microphone, point his mouth directly below the microphone, and try not to breathe into the microphone. Under normal circumstances, the gooseneck microphone will be debugged by a dedicated person before it is used. After the conference speaker comes on stage, there is no need to debug it at will, so as to avoid some unnecessary emergencies during the adjustment process, which affects the use of the microphone. .
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