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What's wrong with the echo from the conference microphone

2021-03-21 484
When holding a meeting, it is indispensable to lack the meeting microphone, so as to achieve the perfect meeting effect, but sometimes when it is used, there will be some echo or noise problems, which will seriously affect the effect of the meeting. This is What's the matter? I will give you a specific introduction today.

1. The direction of the conference microphone is wrong. When using the conference microphone, do not place it directly toward the playback direction of the speaker. This is more likely to cause echo, and you should change one direction.

2. The distance between the conference microphone and the speaker is inappropriate. If the distance between the conference microphone and the speaker is too close, it is easy to form an echo. Therefore, do not let the microphone directly face the speaker. The distance between the two should be properly extended. It should be farther.

3. The distance between the speaker and the conference microphone is inappropriate. When holding a video conference, if you are using a high-quality conference microphone, you must read the instruction manual of the microphone carefully. When speaking, people should keep a certain distance from the microphone. This distance should not be too large or too small. , There is an optimal distance, this kind of speaking effect is the best.

What's wrong with the echo from the conference microphone

4. If you are using speakers and conference microphones, they must be held in a larger conference room. Otherwise, if the area of the conference room is too small, it is very easy to produce mandatory echo.

5. If you want to hold a video conference and eliminate the echo in the meeting, you can consider matching a conference microphone with a separate sound card, and you also need to disable the audio of the computer itself, and only use the voice of the conference microphone for input and output .

There are many reasons for the echo of the conference microphone. In actual use, you can find out which reason is specific, and then take appropriate measures to deal with it, such as changing the direction, taking a suitable distance, and choosing a conference microphone with a sound card, etc. , The only way to ensure the normal progress of the meeting.
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