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How does AliExpress improve product search rankings? Analysis of AliExpress ranking rules

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How does AliExpress improve product search rankings? Analyze the ranking rules of AliExpress

There are three levels of cross-border e-commerce

1. Product selection (product positioning)

2. Visual effects of shop decoration (posters, main images, details pages, image processing, renderings)

3. Ranking drainage (keyword search drainage-activity drainage-paid drainage)

Zhiren mentioned the store selection before, today I will tell you about the store ranking and drainage.

Regarding ranking drainage, this is actually the core of AliExpress' operations. I am also continuing to study the routines of AliExpress operation, hoping that the master sellers will make better suggestions. You can also communicate in private, with my contact information in your signature.

There are many factors that affect the ranking of AliExpress, and even the way AliExpress is very complicated. It cannot be determined by one or two key factors.

First, the title is the first element

In AliExpress search, the most important thing is the matching degree of the title. Generally speaking, many sellers know that the title is 128 characters in total, of which the first 45 characters are the most searched. But this rule AliExpress changed in 2017, and now the first 30 characters and the last 30 characters are the most important search weight!

The general title format is: core words + attribute words + traffic words. Another point is that small brand vocabularies do not have to write the brand words in front like sellers of big brands. Big brands put the brand vocabulary in front because they have search weight. If you go to learn them, it takes up important character segments, which is useless at all! I won't discuss too much about word order. I have talked about many articles. If the keywords are sorted before and after, the traffic is very different.

Second, the store’s praise rate, service points, and delivery speed are also very important factors that affect search rankings.

It’s bad if the store’s praise rate is less than 95%, and Gao Yue 97% is pretty good.

Service scores generally above good are good for exposure.

The delivery speed should not be higher than 7 days, if it can be delivered within 48 hours, it is very conducive to exposure search.

Third, the search rules of AliExpress belong to the "horse racing system" and the "thousand-person system".

1. The so-called "horse racing system" means that the faster you run (more sales), the higher the ranking (more traffic and exposure). The opposite is that the slower you run (less sales), the lower the ranking (less traffic and exposure). This is positive feedback.

How does AliExpress improve product search rankings? Analysis of AliExpress ranking rules

2. The so-called "Thousand Persons and One Thousand Faces System", the pages that each buyer searches are related to the products they have searched before, the shops, products, brands and products they have purchased, and then calculated through big data. The pages searched by each buyer are different. Personalize search results.

AliExpress’ search results are the result of these two rules!

"Horse racing" means that the faster you run, the higher the ranking. Running fast, to put it bluntly, the main indicators for assessment are three, 1, the accumulation of short-term orders. 2. Conversion rate. 3. Favorable rate

I want to talk about it here in particular. The key to the core of AliExpress to create explosives is whether it can be on the platform! Because the most concentrated place of AliExpress traffic is on the platform. For example, Flash Deals only lasts 6 hours per game. As long as anyone who has participated in this kind of event knows, about one event can accumulate dozens of orders. When I talk about this, I don’t know if the buyers understand it. In fact, the significance of the event lies in this, and orders can be accumulated in a short time. After such an event, the price returned to the original, but the ranking was higher. (PS: The core of AliExpress is actually planning platform activities here)

The "Thousand Talents and One Thousand Faces System" should accumulate old customers, favorites, add to shopping carts, page views and so on as much as possible.

Fourth, the settings of store discounts and marketing activities also affect rankings.

For Ali-based platforms, when the time set for store activities is almost over, Ali gives the highest search weight. Therefore, set store-wide discounts and limited-time limited discounts, and the time period should not be too long! If the seller doesn't have time to set it, it can be set once every half a month. Some diligent sellers set it once every 3 days.
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