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EBay shipping channel selection & logistics delay response

2021-03-21 684
Today we mainly talk about eBay shipping channel selection & logistics delay response
One, eBay shipping channels

There are two main eBay logistics methods, one is self-delivery mode, and the other is overseas warehouse mode. The logistics channels for self-delivery include four logistics methods: international commercial express, international ems express, international special line express, and international small parcel. The overseas warehouse model is the current non-mainstream model, but there are still many eBay sellers who choose this logistics method. In terms of overseas warehouse heading, the main options are air and sea. In terms of end delivery, it is enough to cooperate with local postal or logistics giants. For now, most of the sellers in China mainly deliver goods through postal parcels and various express delivery.

1. Postal parcel, also known as China Post Air Parcel, is an international and domestic postal parcel business service developed by China Post. It belongs to the category of postal air parcel and is an economical international express service item. It can be sent to various postal outlets in more than 230 countries and regions around the world.


1) The price is affordable. Compared with other modes of transportation (such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc.), China Post parcels have absolute price advantages, and they are also cheaper than Hong Kong parcels;

2) The mailing is convenient, it can be sent to all parts of the world, as long as there is a post office, it can be delivered (except for a very small number of countries and regions);

3) China Post's small parcels are safe, and the drop rate is low; registration can be tracked throughout;

4) Speed advantage: directly transfer to China Post, no need to transit to Hong Kong, the package status can be checked on China Post website on the same day after the package is delivered to the post office

2. EMS international express:

EMS international express is a special postal service opened by various postal services. This business enjoys priority processing rights in the postal, customs, aviation and other departments of various countries. Deliver all kinds of documents and articles such as international emergency letters, documents, financial bills, and commodity samples to users at high speed and high quality, and provide multiple forms of mail tracking and inquiry services. EMS also provides a series of comprehensive extended services such as valet packaging, valet customs declaration and insurance agency.

EBay shipping channel selection & logistics delay response

3. Four major express: DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT

The weight of the goods is more than 2 kg, the product value is high, and the buyer has high requirements on the timeliness, and you can choose this method for delivery.

Advantages: guaranteed timeliness, low packet loss rate,

Disadvantages: expensive, slow customs clearance, once there are remote areas, the additional cost is quite amazing!

4. Dedicated line: A express delivery method for a certain area, there are regional restrictions, suitable for sellers in a certain market

Advantages: The cost is cheaper than the five major express delivery, and customs clearance is more convenient.

Disadvantages: The goods need to be transferred after arriving abroad, and the time limit cannot be guaranteed.

Next, let’s talk about a problem that eBay sellers often encounter, logistics and delivery delays.

2. What are the countermeasures when logistics is delayed?

Once a logistics problem is found, communicate with the buyer in a timely manner and provide a variety of solutions for the buyer to choose.

Prepare a communication plan in advance. If the package is delayed, the seller needs to actively inform the buyer of the current delivery status of the package. At the same time, in the communication, provide a variety of plans prepared in advance, and give the buyer the right to choose!

So what should I pay attention to when choosing a plan?

According to the actual situation, choose the solution provided to the buyer. For example, if the delivery delay is caused by the seller's current out of stock and not timely delivery, then the compensation should be greater, so that the buyer can see your sincerity next time. Will be here again!

Interpretation of predictable logistics delays such as holidays;

Delayed interpretation of force majeure factors such as weather;
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