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Problems with subwoofers and other speakers

2021-03-20 402
The subwoofer is only a part of the home theater speaker group. Although the subwoofer is very important, it cannot be specialized. The subwoofer sound radiated by the subwoofer must be integrated with the sound radiated by other speakers. The main attention is to the subwoofer. Four aspects of the problem after accessing the system: volume, crossover point, phase, and speed.

(1) Volume problem. The active subwoofer is equipped with a volume adjustment knob. Adjusting the volume of the subwoofer is the most important part of integrating the subwoofer into the system speaker group. If the volume of the subwoofer is adjusted too low, the low volume feel is insufficient; if it is adjusted too high, the sound becomes muffled and self-defeating. It should be adjusted so that the low volume is suitable without feeling that the bass comes from the subwoofer.

Problems with subwoofers and other speakers

(2) The crossover point problem. The crossover point of the subwoofer should be consistent with the main speaker. If the lower cut-off frequency of the main speaker is 80Hz, the upper limit frequency of the subwoofer can be adjusted to 80Hz or slightly higher. In many subwoofers, there is an adjustment device for the upper cut-off frequency.
(3) Phase problem. The phase of the subwoofer speakers should be consistent with the phase of other speaker groups, so that the speakers can work in "step in step", otherwise the phase of the subwoofer sound waves and other frequency sound waves will be chaotic. There are positive and negative phase adjustment switches on many subwoofer speakers.
(4) Speed issues. The speed of the subwoofer must be consistent with the speed of other speakers. For active subwoofers, this is not a problem. For passive speakers, careful placement adjustments are required to make the speed of each speaker consistent.
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