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Moving coil, moving iron, static electricity, which of the three types of headphones is better?

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Many first-time earphone players must have been exposed to moving iron earphones. The amazing details and resolution of moving iron earphones really shocked first-time users. Although the price is generally more than 1,000 yuan, there are still many earphone enthusiasts willing Choose moving iron headphones. However, moving iron earphones do not have an absolute advantage over moving coil earphones.

From the perspective of the architecture of the headset, the currently marketed headsets can be mainly divided into dynamic headsets, dynamic iron headsets, and the superior electrostatic headsets. So what are the characteristics and advantages of these architectures?

Dynamic headphones are still the absolute mainstream product

In general, all the headphones and earplugs we currently use are dynamic headphones. If you have ever disassembled a dynamic headphones, you will find that its internal structure is very similar to the speaker speakers, but the working principle is also the same. of. The coil in the permanent magnetic field is connected to the diaphragm, and the coil drives the diaphragm to make sound under the driving of the signal current. The principle and process of this kind of earphone is relatively simple, and the materials, the diaphragm process and the tuning of the manufacturer will determine the quality of the earphone.

Who is stronger in moving iron and moving circle?
Nowadays, the number of earphone enthusiasts has increased a lot compared with the previous years. Moving iron earphones, a niche product, are now becoming more and more well-known. Brands such as Shure, Weston and UE are also well-known in China. Gradually climb. Different from the sounding principle of moving-coil earphones, the sounding unit of the moving-iron earphones has a fixed coil. When the alternating current (audio electrical signal) passes through the coil, a changing magnetic field is generated, which causes the iron piece in the middle to vibrate correspondingly and drive its connection. The diaphragm vibrates and produces sound. Compared with moving coil earphones, moving iron earphones have the characteristics of high sensitivity, high resolution, good transient performance, and better sound density performance.

So, do moving iron headphones have an advantage? Judging from the characteristics of the sound, the sound of the moving coil unit is more closely connected, and the music is rich, giving the listener a very soft feeling. The sound of the moving iron unit is sharper. Its characteristics are strong resolution and speed. At the same time, the performance of multiple units is also convincing. In terms of technology, moving iron earplugs may be stronger, but no one can replace the music of moving coil earplugs.

Moving coil, moving iron, static electricity, which of the three types of headphones is better?

Some people may be wondering why we put the electrostatic earphones separately. To be honest, electrostatic earphones are really rare, but the sound performance is also extremely powerful. The legendary Sennheiser Orpheus is a typical electrostatic earphone. The principle of electrostatic earphones is that the diaphragm is in a changing electric field. The diaphragm is extremely thin and can be accurate to the micron level. The coil drives the diaphragm to produce sound under the drive of the electric field force. Compared with the first two types of products, electrostatic headphones can bring more amazing details, and the sense of music is also outstanding. However, the technical requirements of electrostatic earphones are extremely high, and at the same time, the yield rate is low, and they are easy to be damaged.

At the beginning, we once said that there are many categories of headphones, and the choice is a certain degree of difficulty. We have introduced the headset in terms of wearing style and unit type. And what we will introduce below are two types of special-purpose headphones that consumers often buy-noise-cancelling headphones and gaming headphones.
Today, the role of noise-canceling headphones is becoming more and more obvious. The noisy outdoor environment and frequent business trips have caused us to suffer from noise. Enclosed headphones and in-ear earplugs may no longer meet our sound insulation needs. At this time, noise-canceling headphones are not necessarily listening to music, they may just restore a quiet environment.

Noise-canceling headphones for business people

What we are going to talk about here is the active noise reduction headset that many business people choose deliberately. Its working principle is that the microphone set on the headset collects noise, and the internal chip calculates the inverse sine wave, and the process of canceling the noise to achieve noise reduction effect. Most active noise-cancelling headphones can eliminate more than 80% of environmental noise, providing us with a quieter resting environment. However, since the entire noise reduction process is a computational process, it will definitely affect the sound quality of the headset. It is designed for "trapeze" people, if you need a very quiet environment, noise-canceling headphones are very suitable. If you need noise reduction and sound quality, high-end in-ear HiFi earplugs may be more suitable.

In last week's "War of words: HiFi or gaming headsets for playing games?", we once again discussed gaming headsets. Gaming headsets have been born with the rapid development of e-sports in recent years. Many professional peripheral manufacturers have also invested a lot of effort in this field. High-sensitivity microphones, virtual 7.1 channels and even built-in The real 5.1 channels of multiple units appear in the gaming headset.

War of words
Gaming headsets have been specially optimized in terms of sound

Some people may ask whether gaming headsets are suitable for listening to music. Judging from the mainstream gaming headsets currently on the market, there are indeed not many gaming headsets that can take care of both listening to music and playing games. Compared with traditional earphones, gaming earphones have been specially tuned to provide high-precision positioning and excellent business details at the expense of the sense of hearing, but the result is that listening to music is like clear soup and white water, lacking flavor. Therefore, gaming headsets are more suitable for gamers. If you don't usually play games much and need to take care of many aspects, an ordinary headset is completely enough.
 When choosing other types of hardware products, we always have some parameters as a reference basis for purchase, such as the resolution of the monitor, the speed and capacity of the hard disk, and so on. But when it comes to headphones, there are only three main parameters: frequency response range, impedance and sensitivity. We will not expand on the frequency response range in this article, because the frequency response range of headphones basically reaches the frequency that people can hear sound. The limit. But impedance and sensitivity are still worthy of our attention.

Is it a big flicker? Talking about various headset parameter indicators
The parameters of the headset are really important?

The impedance is relatively easy to understand, the higher the impedance, the harder it is to push, which requires the support of a large thrust front end. But impedance cannot be considered alone. We often ignore the existence of another parameter sensitivity. If you refer to the sensitivity, you will find that the difficulty of large impedance is not absolute.

So what effect does the sensitivity level have on the headset? For example, a high-impedance, high-sensitivity headset and a low-impedance, low-sensitivity headset, use the same small thrust front end to connect the direct push, the high-impedance, high-sensitivity headset is easier to sound. Many high-end earphones use a high-impedance and low-sensitivity design. Although the front-end requirements are extremely high, the sound is very charming and full of music. This is definitely not what ordinary earphones can show.

There is another part of the headset packaging that is easily overlooked by us, and that is the agent's anti-counterfeiting logo. The probability of fake products for domestic brands is not high, but some foreign brands are not necessarily. Many friends have purchased some headset products that are claimed to be international versions through the Internet. After receiving them, they found that although the appearance is similar, the sound is not so good at all. thing. At the same time, earphones are more sophisticated than other electronic products. In many cases, domestic agents or manufacturers are responsible for the warranty. Therefore, when purchasing headphones, we always recommend genuine products from the Bank of China. Although the price may be slightly higher than that of products obtained from other channels, the quality and after-sales can be guaranteed.
How to match headphones and audio sources is a headache, including the author. Some friends tend to go to two extremes when pairing audio sources and headphones. Some people think that their audio sources don't need to be too high-end. As long as the headphones are of high quality, the sense of hearing is definitely not bad. Some people think that the front end is much more important than the earphones. A 10,000 yuan front end can also make a good sound when paired with a 100-200 yuan earphone. The author believes that in the audio system, there is also a barrel effect. The above two ideas are not appropriate. Let's try to analyze the proportion of audio sources and headphones in the purchase budget.

Refuse to fool you 3 tips to teach you to buy good headphones
Which sound source/headphone is more important?
The sound source determines the basic quality of the sound output. Simply put, it is whether you can "feed" the earphones. For non-HiFi users, under normal circumstances, one audio source only needs to deal with one front end, and many users need to use one front end to meet multiple different headsets. At this time, they need a strong front end to support. To put it simply, the function of the audio source is basically to convert digital signals to analog signals, but the decoding capabilities of MP3 and the configuration of the DAC module have a significant impact on the sound quality. If the configuration is low, this will play the best role for the headset. Good strength will undoubtedly have an impact, and it will also create obstacles to the later upgrade of the headset.

Of course, having a strong front end does not mean that the quality of the headset can generally produce good sound. A headphone of 200 yuan and a headset of 400 yuan may be exactly the same from the materials used to the configuration of the diaphragm, but it is precisely because of the engineer's meticulous adjustment of the diaphragm that the sound quality has been greatly improved. In other words, the sound quality of a headset in the price range is also certain, and it is unlikely that there will be too much breakthrough due to the difference in the front end.

The ratio of headset and front-end price should be appropriate

The author once saw a headphone fan’s suggestion on a headphone forum. He believed that the price ratio of audio sources, DACs, amps, and headphones should be 1:2:1:1, while the price ratio of audio sources and headphones should be 1:2:1:1. The ratio should be 2:1. This suggestion is of reference significance. The author believes that the price of either the audio source or the earphone should not exceed twice the price of the other, otherwise the best price-performance ratio will not be obtained.
 The article is about to end. It seems that there is still something we haven't talked about. That should be the most important point of choosing a headset-the sense of hearing. A headset has avant-garde appearance, extravagant materials, high price, and does not have a good sense of hearing, so the previous preparations are in vain. So, what and how should we listen to the earphone store?

Refuse to fool you 3 tips to teach you to buy good headphones
How to choose headphones from the sense of hearing?

When we listen to headphones, the first ear should be able to hear whether the sound of the headphones is clear and whether the sound details are richer. Sometimes when we listen to an earplug, the sound is a little dull and tight, which is caused by insufficient mid-to-high frequency resolution and poor high-frequency performance. Low frequency is also very important. Many people buy headphones for the low frequency, but the low frequency of the headphone is by no means a good low frequency. In addition to the sufficient sense of volume, the low frequency of the headphone needs to consider the flexibility of low frequency diving to make the low frequency. It sounds powerful.

At the same time, to judge a headset, the sound field performance is essential. The sound field is something that is difficult to describe in words and cannot be quantified. If we listen to the sound field of headphones, we can try it with a large-format symphony. The open sound shows that the sound field is good, but the horizontal sound field is better or the vertical sound field Everyone needs to experience it slowly. Finally, the medium and high frequencies are listened to through the human voice, and the distance of the position has a great influence on the sense of hearing of the human voice.

Choose earphones to trust your ears

It is worth noting that if you listen to a certain headset when it is very comfortable, you can start decisively. Because the sense of hearing can only be memorized for a short time, if you try to listen to other products after being influenced by others, you will never remember which one is the best. So when buying headphones, it’s definitely right to believe in yourself once.
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