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Headphones Xiaobai must read What is the difference between the sound of moving coil and moving iron earphones

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Quickly understand moving coil and moving iron earphones
Dynamic headphones can be said to be the mainstream headphones on the market. Most of the headphones we usually use are basically dynamic units, whether they are head-mounted or in-ear. Generally speaking, in the consumer earphone market, the price of dynamic earphones is relatively cheap. Most of the earphones of tens to one or two hundred yuan on major e-commerce platforms are dynamic, which also shows that the dynamic unit The cost can be controlled very low. For example, the cost of a headphone unit of tens of yuan is about a few cents (no kidding). The merchants rely on volume, small profits but quick turnover. Relatively speaking, the cost of moving iron earphones will be slightly higher (of course, it depends on the specific product). If you want to buy an entry-level moving iron earphone with good sound, it may cost at least two to three hundred yuan.

Dynamic headphones
We often hear some people say that sound is metaphysics, and different people have different opinions. This seems to have some truth, but if you use audio technology to compare the sound difference between moving coil and moving iron earphones, you will find that they still have There are many differences.

Moving coil unit

First of all, the moving iron unit has a small volume and is a closed component, so it can be driven with only a small current, so its agility density will be very high; this is why the moving iron unit is widely used in medical and other professions And other fields (such as hearing aids), and dynamic headphones are currently more difficult to do.

Headphones Xiaobai must read What is the difference between the sound of moving coil and moving iron earphones

Sound characteristics of moving coil and moving iron earphones:
Low impedance and high sensitivity are the characteristics of moving iron headphones. They have better playback of details and clearer sound lines. They are suitable for listening to human voices, classical music and other music types that require richer and more detailed sound performance, but the low frequency part is its weakness. .

Moving iron headset
The tri-band connection of dynamic headphones is more smooth and natural, and the sound is looser and natural. Without moving iron headphones, it is compact, but thanks to the large-size dynamic unit, the mid-frequency and low-frequency performance will be fuller and more suitable. Listen to pop music, rock music, etc.

The dynamic earphone has a very obvious advantage-the sound field. For a good open earphone, the sound field will have a very good sense of envelopment, and it has a good performance in restoring the music atmosphere and sense of the scene; the moving iron earphone Due to the limitation of its own volume and the sealed structure, the sound field is somewhat narrower than that, and there is no such magnificent scene. Although the current multi-unit moving iron earphones make up for the lack of single-unit frequency response range to a certain extent, it also requires a frequency divider to coordinate the work of multiple units, because sometimes the more the unit interference, the more obvious the distortion, so it is necessary More professional tuning is a big challenge for headset designers and manufacturers.

Moving iron unit
Today we briefly introduced the difference and sound characteristics of dynamic earphones and moving iron earphones. I don’t know if it will help Xiaobai of the earphones. In fact, with the development of technology and the maturity of technology, today’s dynamic earphones and moving iron earphones are in The difference in sound is not as big as before; especially since the birth of dual-unit moving iron and ring iron earphones, earphones have entered the era of multiple units, sound adjustments have become more and more mature, and the overall quality has been greatly improved, so we Don't be too entangled because of whether to choose a dynamic coil or a dynamic iron headset.
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