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What are the common problems with omnidirectional microphones?

2021-03-20 555
The omnidirectional microphone is a highly flexible device. It has the function of audio output, which can ensure the voice of the speaker itself, and also has the function of sound amplification. The quality of the omnidirectional microphone is directly and the anti-echo effect is great. When using omnidirectional microphones, some problems will inevitably occur. Today, I will give you a specific introduction to the common problems of omnidirectional microphones.

1. Why is there no sound from the omnidirectional microphone? If there is no sound when the omnidirectional microphone is connected to the computer, then the device cannot be used. For this kind of check, whether the omnidirectional microphone can be recognized in the device manager of the computer. If you can’t identify the microphone, check whether the cable connection is normal and if there is any damage. If you still can’t find the cause, you can replace the omnidirectional microphone for testing, or connect it to the back of the host. USB port for testing.

What are the common problems with omnidirectional microphones?

2. If there is only one computer, how to install multiple omnidirectional microphones? At this time, you can choose omnidirectional microphones that can be connected in series or in cascade.

3. Can it be connected to the mixer, and can it be used for live amplification? The omnidirectional microphone has a built-in amplifier, so there is no need to connect to the mixer for amplification.

4. How far can the USB cable be extended? Usually the wiring distance is three meters. If you need to expand it, you can use a better audio cable for transmission, but it is best not to exceed five meters.

5. Why is the echo cancellation not clean? When this happens, you can check whether the network is normal, and then lower the volume of the speaker and test again.

In the process of using the omnidirectional microphone, if the operation is improper, there will be a lot of problems. If you don't know how to solve it, you must ask professional personnel to repair it. The omnidirectional microphone is a very ideal device, which brings great convenience to people's life. Many friends buy and use it, and the reflection effect is good.
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