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Teach you how to subdivide the selection and detonate accurate traffic

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Product selection is an important part of Amazon's operations, and it is the first step for Amazon sellers to do operations. A good product selection can be said to directly determine the success or failure of later operations.

For many sellers who have just entered the Amazon platform, the first problem they encounter is often the product selection. A good product determines the final result, so how to make a good product selection?
Category analysis

3C products: In recent years, the volume of the 3C category in the Amazon US market has increased year by year. Consumer electronics products are sold very quickly. Products with guaranteed quality, attractive appearance, and low prices are very popular. .
Outdoor sports: Outdoor sports products are one of the four major categories of Amazon America.
Outdoor home furnishings: During Amazon's peak season each year, related products such as outdoor furniture and barbecue utensils will also sell well with high profit margins.
Kitchenware: Kitchenware is basically used in every family, and the market capacity is very large.
Auto parts category: The market capacity of auto parts category is huge, and opportunities and challenges coexist. Such products have high entry barriers and need to have resource advantages and understand the core demands of consumers.

LED lamps and lanterns: If the lamps and lanterns are made, the sales volume is very considerable, but the cost of this initial investment is relatively high, and sellers with sufficient funds and resources can consider it.

Teach you how to subdivide the selection and detonate accurate traffic

Pet market: According to foreign market surveys, if you make cat products, you can consider countries such as Japan and Germany. For dog products, you can consider the United States, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom.
Maternal and infant market: In the cross-border export e-commerce market, the United States and Brazil are key national markets for maternal and infant clothing and toys.
Health and beauty: With the improvement of the quality of life, health and beauty products have become the second most popular category for cross-border online shopping in the world.
Office supplies: According to recent reports from foreign media, the global market for office supplies exceeds US$2 billion.
Industry and scientific research: From a global perspective, the volume of commercial, industrial and scientific research supplies has reached trillions of dollars, and MRO is an important part.
product analysis

Search heat: The demand for products can be seen through search heat. Through keyword search, you can see the monthly search volume of buyers, and this monthly search volume represents the demand.
Product trends: Products emerge according to different needs. It can be seen that trend analysis is very important. On the one hand, it allows sellers to understand the hot period of the product, and on the other hand, it reminds sellers to filter out products that are not suitable for the current season.
Profit margin calculation: Every Amazon seller knows that in order to achieve ideal results, there must be sufficient profit margins.
Pricing analysis: The price is not set by the seller, but by the market. The seller should set the price based on the general price range in the market, not just based on their own costs.
Therefore, when choosing a product, the seller must comprehensively consider the cost of all aspects, calculate the profit margin of the product, and comprehensively decide whether to choose this product.
competition analysis

Competitive product listing analysis: Sellers can learn about the shelf time of competing products. Sellers also need to analyze the listing and copywriting of competing products before choosing products.
Review survey: Sellers can see how many reviews of competitors' products are in the category of their products.
It is important to know that evaluation is an important factor that affects conversion, and it is also a factor that affects whether a product can rank better.
For a product, Review is a good feedback. We need to know whether the market customers’ satisfaction with this product is OK or not, we need to look at it from Review.
We can find more Review listings, list all the good and bad reviews, and sum up the points that customers are more satisfied with and dissatisfied with this type of product.
Differentiation analysis: Public model products lack uniqueness and are easy to be followed. If there are no bright spots, they are also followed, which can easily lead to chaotic operation rhythms.
Therefore, when selecting products, sellers should give priority to products that can be differentiated as much as possible. These differentiated modifications can be silk screen logo, replacement part color, independent customized packaging, etc.
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