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Why did the ranking of AliExpress products suddenly drop

2021-01-29 577
What should I do if the ranking of AliExpress stores suddenly drops? What is the reason for the decrease in product exposure? This article allows the editor to share with you the reasons for the decline in the ranking of AliExpress products.

Ranking is usually one of the most important factors that determine the flow and order volume of AliExpress stores. However, many people do not know whether their store ranks are low or high. There are many factors that affect the ranking of AliExpress, such as the weight of the seller's store, the intensity of promotion and drainage, and whether to open a through train and so on. It is also closely related to the competition in the industry.

So why did AliExpress' product ranking suddenly drop?

First, the weight of the store has been reduced.

As we all know, whether it is AliExpress or other e-commerce platforms, every store in it has an official weight, and the ranking of a product is largely determined by the weight of the store. If the seller receives official penalties for some reason, which causes the weight of the store to decrease, the ranking will naturally decrease, and the product exposure rate will also decrease.

Second, the shop was punished for violation of regulations.

For some violations, AliExpress officials may not give penalties for downgrading, but it will lower the ranking of store products or even block products. Therefore, when the seller suddenly discovers that the ranking of AliExpress products has dropped sharply, they must check whether a certain product violates the platform regulations. The ranking may be restored after immediate correction, depending on the severity of the plot.

Third, the service score is low.

Many sellers may not know that service ratings are also one of the important factors affecting rankings. Now, AliExpress pays great attention to service quality. From the evaluation of service scores at each stage, it can be clearly seen that if the seller's service is not good and the score is too low, the official will be punished and downgraded.

Therefore, sellers must analyze the various data of their own stores every day, and the specific conditions of each store are different. Sellers need to find out the strengths or weaknesses of their stores through data analysis, make full use of the strengths, avoid weaknesses, and take targeted measures to truly do a good job in AliExpress sales.
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