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Subwoofer and heavy bass concept

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The audible sound within 20Hz~20kHz is generally divided into three frequency bands: bass, midrange and treble, and the sound below 500Hz is called bass. In order to further explain the bass, the bass frequency band is often further divided. As shown in Figure 5-77, the lowest two octave bands are called subwoofer and subwoofer respectively, that is, the frequency band of super bass is 20-40Hz, the frequency band of heavy bass is 40~80Hz, and the super bass and heavy bass are combined. It is called super bass, and its frequency range is 20~80Hz.

The perfection of the subwoofer is the wish of the majority of enthusiasts, especially young enthusiasts, and friends who have played subwoofer have a deep experience: hate it and love it. What I hate is to make it so that the bass can't be heard; what I love is that it is a little more comfortable and exciting that I can't tell, and the lack of bass is wrong. Studies have shown that deep bass can give people the feeling of being in the stereo and surround sound field, so super bass is an indispensable sound in home theater systems.

Subwoofer and heavy bass concept

Bass and mid-treble in music
The middle and high tones in music are more used to express emotions and express artistic conceptions, but the bass can also make people psychologically and physiologically resonate, which has a shocking effect. Bass gives people a more real and stronger feeling, and gives people more beautiful psychological activities. This is the physiological root of people's emphasis on bass, like bass, and desire for bass. At the same time, psychological research results show that bass is more helpful to alleviate human psychological tension. Therefore, the desire for bass is a dual need of human psychology and physiology.
How low the volume is
Is the more bass the better? The answer is no, it is best that the system can deliver sufficient volume when the volume is low for a long time. At this time, the bass must be full and thick, that is, there must be sufficient sound power and sound energy density. However, when the music element does not require too much low volume, the low volume should be reduced. Otherwise, because the low frequency band is too exaggerated, the transient response is not good and accompanied by distortion, which will cause the sound to sound dull, but it is unpleasant. Bored.
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