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How to choose the conference microphone

2021-03-19 445
When attending a meeting or giving a speech, most people may be deeply disturbed by the sudden harshness and vague sound reinforcement of the meeting microphone, and poor quality microphones will also seriously affect the quality of the meeting and the audience. How do you choose microphones and use them reasonably when constructing a sound reinforcement project in a conference room? Today we will have a brief discussion on this issue. Hope to make useful suggestions for everyone.

First of all, the requirements for microphones in conference rooms are usually high. The sound of conference microphones must be loud and clear, and the volume must be moderate. Since the speaker cannot go to the site to test the sound when the conference room is set up, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of it when selecting the conference microphone. Since each conference microphone has a different effect on different sound sources, it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the various performance characteristics of the microphone and the applicable occasions when selecting the microphone. For example, the sensitivity of the microphone and some electroacoustic indicators. Of course, in addition to this, the size of the speakers must be planned in the conference room, so that a microphone with suitable directional characteristics can be selected. If the microphone is far away from the PA speaker, then it is best to choose a non-directional microphone; and if the sound source is closer to the microphone, you can use technical indicators to eliminate the consequences of the proximity effect.

How to choose the conference microphone

In addition to the above, in fact, there is usually no need to choose a particularly high-quality microphone in a conference room. A microphone with a lubricating response can fully meet the above-mentioned requirements, but we must pay attention to the requirements for details. If the conference room table is larger and wider, then it is best to choose a condenser gooseneck microphone, because such a conference microphone can effectively prevent the microphone from being pushed to the table by the speaker and not picking up the sound.

In summary, in addition to special needs, conference room microphones are usually recommended for use with wide frequency response, uniform frequency response transmission characteristics, smooth, and low distortion. I hope that what has been said above will be helpful for everyone to effectively select satisfactory microphones.
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