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Dome speaker

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Dome speakers are widely used in high-fidelity speakers as mid- and high-frequency units, and more often in high-frequency units. The diaphragm of this kind of loudspeaker is hemispherical, and the diaphragm material is generally made of metal with good rigidity and light weight, and rubber, silk, hemp, synthetic fiber, cloth and other materials are also used.
Dome speakers are divided into three types according to the degree of softness and hardness of the diaphragm: one is a hard dome speaker, the other is a soft dome speaker, and the third is a speaker between hard and soft dome.
(1) Hard dome speaker. This kind of ball speaker has strong "following" ability, great impact, and frequency response, making it more suitable for listening to popular music.
(2) Soft ball speaker. Its "pause" ability is strong, the sound is slender and full, but the high-frequency characteristics are slightly worse, which is more suitable for enjoying classical music.
(3) The caliber of the dome speaker. The caliber of this kind of loudspeaker is generally between 19 and 70mm. The advantage of a small caliber is good directivity, but the output of the same sound pressure must increase the amplitude.
(4) Features of dome speaker. The advantages of dome speakers are good reproducing directivity, wider frequency band, and better sound quality: the disadvantage is that the efficiency is relatively low.
Dipole and bipolar speakers
Dipole and bipolar speakers are newly designed new concept speakers. Many pure music systems and home theater systems use dipole and bipolar speakers as left and right channel speakers and surround channel speakers.
(1) Type of diaphragm. In addition to the traditional cone-shaped diaphragms used in dipole and bipolar speakers, many diaphragms with large flat-plate structures have been adopted.
(2) Acoustic radiation characteristics. Figure 5-74 shows the sound radiation characteristics of ordinary speakers, dipoles and bipolar speakers. It can be seen that the ordinary speakers shown are single-sided radiation, while dipoles and bipolar speakers are double-sided radiation, and The dipole speaker shown has a wider radiation surface. Dipole and bipolar speakers create a sense of space in the sound by controlling the reverberant sound field.

Dome speaker

(3) The dipole speaker box. Do not place this kind of speaker close to the wall, because the rear radiation is directly reflected back into the listening room, which will destroy the front sound. When the dipole speaker box is placed close to the wall, the bass is strengthened. At this time, it is completely the same as the ordinary speaker box and loses the advantages of this type of speaker. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the position to get the best playback effect.
Use the characteristics of the dipole speaker box to coordinate some deep bass to better control the bass entering the Xinyin room. Compared with the bipolar speaker box, the dipole speaker box has a narrower listening area, and the sound is more concentrated.
(4) Bipolar speaker sound box. When the bipolar speaker box is tilted inward toward the listener, there is a better sound representation, and the speaker should be placed away from the wall. Like the dipole speaker box, the position of the bipolar speaker box is different. The sound field difference. Only when the positioning is correct, the bipolar speaker cabinet can create a greater sense of sound space.
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